Friday, June 13, 2014

Best Parts of My Week

Happy Friday to you!!  Time for a weekly round up of the moments that made me smile this week.  Despite the continued rain in Arkansas, we found lots to smile about this week.

1. I got Olive's thank you notes done and sent out.  I love how they turned out and had fun teaching Olive about the importance of writing thank you notes.

2. I was picking up some groceries this week and stumbled upon this giant bow display.  All of the bows are a great size and really well made AND THEY ARE ONLY $1 at Wal-Mart!!  I don't like to spend a lot of money on bows/headbands because we (read: Olive) frequently loses them.  These were perfect for us!!  I'm planning to attach them to headbands until she has enough hair to clip them into.

3. I found MINI York peppermint patties and had to buy them for my husband.  They are his favorite candy so he loved this little treat that I packed in his lunch :)  It seems like tiny treats always taste better to me.

4. My husband officially graduated with his PhD in early May but he isn't done until he completes his internship mid-July.  So I'm working hard to plan a fun graduation party for him with our family and friends for the late July!  I started shopping for supplies now because graduation party decor is seasonal and I didn't think I'd be able to find anything when the party rolls around.  I'm also finalizing what I want to give him for a graduation present - any suggestions??  I have a few ideas but I'd love to hear any suggestions for a gift to commemorate this BIG milestone :)

5. We are moving to Mississippi in about a month so we are trying to make the most of our time left in Arkansas.  We have planned lots of dinner dates with our best friends and are trying to spend as much time with them as possible before we move.  We stopped in at Sonic (the location of our first date 16 years ago) with Olive for half price milkshakes on the way home one night!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  1. I love those bows you got at walmart...I should get one for Livy too. Looks like you are having a very busy schedule moving and your hubbys grad party...just take it easy, you got it supermom

  2. What a fun week - and such a good idea to choose the fave parts of your week to document. I thought I'd pass along a few ideas for your hubby's graduation gift. When Jon finished law school there were a couple things that even now, 8 years later he still enjoys every day. The first was he/we picked out a nice watch - in a classic style that he knew he'd love for years to come. The second was a leather monogrammed folder type thing that holds those yellow legal pads. He uses it everyday for meetings, court or presentations.

    Congrats again to Kevin! :D

    :) kristen

  3. Okay so after reading your "About Me" section, I realized we have something in common- I live in LR too! I'm sad you're moving to MS- we could have been bloggy friends that actually meet up!

    Those thank you notes from little Olive are so adorable! And those bows?!! I love them!

    I found you through the link up! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

  4. Bows for a dollar!!!! WIN. Those thank-you notes are adorable...look at you sending out thank-yous for the bday party. That's so good.

  5. Love that you sent a tiny treat in your husband's lunch! I do the same thing! And I agree, treats that are tiny taste so much better...probably because you can eat more!

  6. Oh my goodness, how cute is that. i love the fact she signed her own notes. So cute! Her signature looks like mine, haha. I hope you guys have a great weekend!

  7. I love it when kids "sign" cards like that! It's so much fun, especially when you look back on those cards later.

  8. Those bows are amazing - talk about a steal!!!

    And I loveee that your sweet girl wrote a little something in the thank you notes :) :)

  9. Oh man mini yorks?! I may be in trouble!!!

  10. Those thank you cards are adorable.
    Congrats to your hubby on his PhD!
    Also... I don't know about you, but I've been super bummed about missing five on Friday for the summer. If you're interested my friend Karli {september FARM} and I {the farmer's wife} are starting up a link-up "oh hey, friday!" with the exact same outline and would love for you to join us tomorrow! Hope to see you there.


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