Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tiny Handprint Turkeys

Another holiday, another baby DIY project 
is my motto so naturally we had to do some hand print turkeys.  Since Olive isn't quite 6 months old, I knew she wouldn't be able to do a lot of decorating and designing for her turkey this year.  I was more than willing to improvise and do a simple turkey.  I found this gold glitter polka-dotted tissue paper at The Dollar Tree weeks ago and I knew I had to have it.  I wasn't sure what we were going to do with it but it was too fancy to pass up.  Looks like the perfect turkey paper to me!

I'd never traced Olive's hand before so I wasn't sure how I was going to approach the task.  I knew I probably only had one or two shots to get a good hand print so I traced her hand on a thick index card that I planned to use as a template.  I first tried to hold her on my lap and press her hand down with one of my hands and trace with the other... fail.  She drooled on my paper and I couldn't hold her hand in place.  She was dying to get the remote and my phone so I changed my strategy.  I laid her on the coffee table while I was right beside her, let her get the remote with one hand and I used her other hand to trace.  She was distracted so it worked like a charm.

You want to do what with my hand!?!?! face 
and then she decided she was up for the craft :)
 How did we do, mama??
I traced in ink so it wouldn't smear and then cut it out making sure to even up her fingers a bit.  Turns out that those wiggly little phalanges are tricky to trace :)  I did get a swipe of ink pink on her little sleeper so next time I'd probably strip her down to her diaper.  Thankfully it came out easily with some hairspray.
My template:

 I folded the tissue paper several times so I'd be cutting 3-5 hand prints at a time.
 Cut out a small chunk and then do the base of the hand first.
The fingers are tricky so be sure to hold onto the palm tightly to keep everything in place.
 I needed 10 for my card but cut out at least 16 so I'd have a few extras.

I had some blank note cards so I practiced writing out our message and did a sample card.  Once I decided it was perfect, I started on the real cards.  I did this part after the baby was asleep because I was covered in glitter and didn't want her to be a little glittery mess.
 Front of the card:
 Inside of the card:
 I only made 10 of them and sent them out to grandparents and close family.  I also made a few for myself because I just couldn't resist Olive's first polka-dotted hand print turkey!!  Holidays with your kids really are SO MUCH FUN!! Happy Thanksgiving week to you!!

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  1. Great idea! We may have to borrow that idea next year.

  2. Love it! If you haven't already I would love for you to link up to this week linky party and share it! http://www.somedayilllearn.com/2013/11/25/teach-tuesday-43/

  3. We loved our Thanksgiving card with little Olive Kate's handprint on it. You have some great ideas and we get to have the enjoyment from them. Live you all. Kiss my little Olive Kate for me..Love Grandma...P.S. We all love to get personal mail and you make it so special...

  4. Oh my Gosh, this is such a fabulous and creative idea!! I LOVE this!! Let me tell you, the Dollar Store ROCKS! I just posted a "Kids Art Bucket" on my blog and everything came from the Dollar Store...I think I will be scavenging them for this awesome tissue paper:) Thanks for sharing:) {and your baby is ADORABLE!!}


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