Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Big Girl @ 5 Months

Now that Olive is 5 months old, 
she seems to have a new Big Girl status.  She wants to be more independent, is entertaining herself more and is learning new tricks on an almost daily basis.  She's babbling, squealing and making all sorts of noises.  Her dad was thrilled to hear her string together a whole bunch of da-da-da-da-das the other morning.  Olive watches our every move, is very interested in our food and seems very anxious to get on the move.  She's chewing, drooling and sticking toys/fingers/bibs in her mouth but we've yet to see any signs of little white chompers popping through her gums.  We're excited and especially thankful for her as we approach a month filled with travel, my birthday, Thanksgiving and kicking off busy the holiday season.

Just a normal day of play at our house but I wanted to take a moment to capture exactly what she's doing right now and savor the moment a bit.

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