Friday, November 1, 2013

Highlights of the Week

The last week of October has been a lot of fun!!  We are enjoying the weather, the activities and having a lot of fun together.  I did a lot of cooking this week and am hoping to keep it up all winter.  I'm excited for November because this month includes my birthday, a trip home, Thanksgiving and more.
Here are the best parts of our week.

1. I made pumpkin cinnamon rolls and pulled out the paper straws, twine, mason jars and festive napkins for a special little Halloween breakfast.

2. I got to do my first crafty project with my little girl - we did candy corn footprints stamped on blank cards to send to our families for Halloween.  We both really enjoyed the project and our families loved receiving the personalized cards.  Go here for the tutorial.

 3. I made some amazing 
Check back in tomorrow for the recipe.
They are SO easy and SO good.

 4. It's officially SOUP weather and I have a slightly large collection of soup pins that I'd like to try this season.  I decided to start with making
It was a new recipe that was really tasty.
Check back in this weekend for the details.

5. We celebrated Olive's 1st Halloween.  I kind of wish she could wear her pumpkin costume every day :)  She also got to sport a tutu for the day and she kept trying to eat it.  I guess I don't blame her because it was an adorable accessory.

Hope you have a great weekend!!


  1. I too have many soup goals for the fall/winter! Your little one is adorable. My little man was Captain America - a young version (8 months). :) And that card is so cute! I'd love to make some personalized cards for Christmas, how sweet!

    Nicole @ WKH

  2. I love love love that candy corn art!! I'll have to keep that in mind for next year with my nephew (he's a sucker for anything that involves paint!). That kind of stuff makes the BEST "fridge art"

  3. It might be the time of the month talking, but those monster cookies look amaaazing right now!

  4. I love making and eating those heavy, chili or fajita-type soups at this time of year! And that candy corn footprint is too cute!


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