Friday, April 27, 2012

Published Authors

My students got published!
For the ninth year in a row, I had my students publish their own book.
I use this company:

They send you a packet for free and the students do the writing.
We work for weeks writing, editing, revising and illustrating our work.
*The books are anywhere from $15 -$20 each 
so I realize that this may not be a doable project for all students.

I do a voting process to select the title & cover design
and each child has 2 pages - one to illustrate and one for their writing.
A PERFECT MIX was our title this year.
 I always write my own poems for the kids.
I don't read them to the parents at our party but the kids love that I wrote with them.
 *Kevin said he was sad that I didn't mention him in my poems...  wife fail :(

 I also had the kids work in groups to write a collaborative poem.

When the books arrive, we have a publishing party and invite parents to come in.
The kids recite their auto-biographical poems to a great audience.
The parents MELT over these sweet books!!
It is definitely a highlight of the year.
 This is my 9th year in a row to publish a book with my students!!

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