Friday, December 9, 2022

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  All the Christmas things are in full swing over here.  We're doing Christmas at church, at home and at school.  It's wonderful!  Let me tell you about my favorite moments of the week.

1 // Date Night

We tried out a new babysitter (and all loved her!!!) and got to go on a double date with friends.  We tried a new to me restaurant - Comfort - in downtown Evansville.  It was so good!  We arrived about 15 minutes early so we could enjoy a drink and time alone.  We need to do this more often :)

Any restaurant with pink lemonade earns bonus points for me.  We loved the balsamic glazed Brussels sprouts appetizer, my grilled chicken salad was so good and Kevin's catfish was the best he's had since we lived in the South so he says!

2 // Take Your Mom to School

I got to be Fletcher's sub Monday morning!  It was so much fun.  The kids were really excited for me to go to school with them.  His teacher was out for the morning and I was so happy to get to help.  I loved seeing him in his element and meeting his friends.  He said he loved having me there and his friends thought I was really nice.  I only wished I could have seen Olive during the day.  First graders are fun, but I promptly went home to Leo and took a nap when he took a nap that day!  Kevin rearranged his morning to stay home with Leo.  I was thankful for the team effort to make this day happen.

3 // To: Me, From: Me

I had some birthday money to spend so I invested in some new holiday headbands.  Two Christmas ones that will be on repeat all month long and then two others that will be so cute throughout the year.  Sweet City Bows are my favorite headbands.  Aren't they pretty!?

4 // Christmas Cheer

Our church looks so festive for the holidays.  They've got live Christmas music playing in the entrance, a beautiful Christmas set and a Christmas sermon series happening in December.  We also brought home an advent devotional to do this month.

5 // St Nick's Day

The kids left their shoes out for St Nick and I loved filling them with their favorite Christmas candy!  My kids are obsessed with Crocs.

6 // DIY Peppermint Berry Wreath

I smile every time I see this pretty wreath on my front door!

7 // Downtown with Dad

Kevin and the big kids went to another UE basketball game this week.  They love going with him!  He's generous with the snacks and he's so fun.  I'm glad they get this time with him.  I stayed home with Leo because the games are late when you're two.

8 // Elf on the Shelf

Our elves have been busy this week!  Holly, Jolly & Chris brought the kids these adorable new gingerbread ornaments.  They all love gingerbread cookies so these sweet ornaments seemed perfect for them.  Would you believe that they came in a set from Walmart!?!  They were just $5.98 and the quality is great.  I loved that the set came with one girl and two boys - perfect for our family!

9 // Library Tip

We try to visit our local library a couple times a month to get new books for the kids to read.  They love playing at the library, too.  Tip - if you are looking for a way to save money this Christmas, check out Christmas books to read to your kids instead of buying new ones.  I picked up a stack to read with my crew for free!

10 // Happy Birthday, Sis!

My sister had a birthday this week and we had fun celebrating her!  She loves pink and red so we gave her a pink and red themed gift.  My SIL made the yummiest baked potato bar!

11 // My Cards are Done!

The big kids helped me stamp and stuff and seal my cards this year.  It was wonderful!  We still have some to hand deliver to neighbors and local friends, but I think we're all done mailing them out.

12 // Snaps from School

The kid's teachers are so good about snapping pictures of the kids and posting them to the class Facebook page.  It's really fun to see the kids working with their friends.  Then it gives us something specific to talk about when they get home.

13 // Oh Leo

Leo has been extra busy and extra hungry and extra everything lately!  He's got the bumps and bruises to prove it.  Ouch!  He's solidified his #wildmanleo status.  He's the sweetest, busiest, squishiest guy we know.  He is talking up a storm and saying the funniest things.  We all love him lots and he keeps us all busy.

Miss Mus = Christmas

Miss Mus Tee = Christmas tree

Miss Mus socks = stockings

I hope you've had a wonderful week and have some special weekend plans with the people you love!

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  1. Happy weekend my friend! So glad you got a date night, and I love your new cute headbands!

  2. That's so fun that you got to go back into the classroom! I understand about the nap! When the kids were in elementary school, I subbed periodically. I was also so tired at the end of the day. Have a good weekend.

  3. Date night sounds fun and I love your new headbands.

  4. What a great week! Date night and Subbing!


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