Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Exercising in the Cold with Kids

It's not quite winter, but it's definitely gotten cold in Indiana!  My nice weather routine is going on a 30 minute walk every day with my toddler in the stroller after we get the big kids off to school.  My cold weather routine is very similar.  If it's not snowy or icy, then we walk together.  If it's really windy or really cold, I'll do a 20 minute power walk.  I just essentially walk as fast as I can for as long as I can before we turn into popsicles.


Cold Weather Exercising Tips (Especially for Moms of Little Ones)

1. Everyone wears layers - hats, jackets with hoods, blankets, gloves for the person pushing the stroller, ear warmers, snacks like a sucker and a small toy like a car or a small stuffed animal.  Covering up your ears will be a game changer.  It keeps you warm and a little less wind blown.  I keep a stack of all the cold weather walking supplies in our mud room.  That way I can just grab everything we need to get out of the house fast.

2. Pick up things along the walk to keep things interesting - rocks, sticks, tall grasses - and talk about all the things you see - holiday decor, hawks, neighbors, dogs, animals, cars and their colors, or keep an eye on the things happening at the houses near you.  The construction sites all around us are very entertaining and exciting.  Leo likes to pick the way we walk.  I'll shout WAY WAY and point to the direction we go.  I don't care at all which route we take and he really seems to enjoy picking the way way :)

3. Put exercise on your daily to do list.  If you're a list maker like me, crossing that item off every day will give you great satisfaction.  You'll never regret getting moving and getting out in the sunshine.

4. Find a window of time where you'll be most successful at fitting in exercise to your daily routine.  For me, that's sometime after I drop the big kids off at school and lunch time.  If I wait until after school I am much less likely to skip my exercise.  If I had a treadmill, early morning or late night walks would be enticing.

5. On the weekends - try to work it out so that you can go for a solo walk!  My husband is home on the weekends during the day so I'll head out and enjoy a quiet walk on my own those days :)


How we started.  Sherpa blanket, pom pom hat & jacket.  I had on longs sleeves, puffer jacket and an ear warmer.  I wish I'd remembered my gloves.

Hat off and hood up.  Leo also likes to pull the sun shade down if it's particularly windy.  I love that he's got options to keep himself out of the elements.

He loves finding sticks along the way.  And getting rocks to play with and throw.


Rocks and sticks.  Repeat.

What's your winter exercise routine?

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  1. Great tips for getting active in the cooler temps! Texas was cool...but now we are back in the 70s. You're motivating me to get out there and move!!


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