Monday, December 5, 2022

DIY Peppermint Berry Wreath

I found myself wanting a new Christmas wreath for our first full holiday season in our house.  I have had a new Christmas wreath on my radar this year because my typical red berry wreath that looked fabulous on my old blue door does not look fabulous on my new red door.  It just got lost in all the red.  I shopped around a bit and couldn't find anything that I loved.  I improvised and made my own with supplies I already own.  What's better than a free DIY project!?

I really enjoy making wreaths so I was excited to try to improve my wreath.

I used my old berry wreath, some silver berries and a wired black and white ribbon from Sams.

Before: Red berry wreath!  I bought it from Hobby Lobby and used it at Christmas for several years.

Progress!  I took the leaves off the silver berries and then added them evenly around the entire wreath.  The wreath base is a grapevine wreath so I just poked the silver berries into the wreath.  No hot glue required.  I love that it ended up looking like a striped candy candy wreath.

I hadn't planned on adding a bow, but it felt like it was missing something with just the silver berries.  Insert a this pretty striped ribbon.  I made a bow and tied it onto the wreath.  Leo was curious about my wreath project.

I added it to my door and love how my peppermint berry wreath turned out!  The berry wreath no longer gets lost on my door.  I added a red lantern and galvanized houses.  I'd love to had a big black and white checked wreath under my welcome mat, but I haven't found one that I love.

A close up!

What's on your front door for Christmas?

Could you reinvent a wreath you have to make it new for the holiday season??

It's worth a try and a fun, creative way to save you some money.


  1. So cute! You’re so creative! I’ll try to remember to send you a picture of my wreath - Henry printed it on his 3D printer:)

  2. Love this so much Whitney! It’s so festive!!! ☺️justine

  3. That looks adorable - looks even better on the door. The distance, you can see the peppermint look to it

  4. Your wreath is sooo pretty! You did a great job, especially with the bow! Bows are hard!

  5. It came out so good and looks beautiful on your door! I love making my own wreaths!!! Such a fun craft.

  6. I love it!! The silver berries really do give the wreath some great dimension, and it looks really pretty with everything else you set out on the porch. I had a red front door for several years and always struggled with what to do for Christmas - it's tricky!


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