Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Cousin Christmas Craft Camp

Cousin Christmas Craft Camp 2022!  

When we moved closer to family this time last year, I hoped to be able to host fun holiday parties at my house.  Those kind of things are just so hard to pull off when you live out of town.  I invited all the kid cousins on my side over for a fun morning at Cousin Christmas Craft Camp.

It took a little coordinating and help to get everyone to my house, but we did it thanks to my sister and mom.  The kids arrived excited and ready to craft.

I love all the handmade/homemade/kid ornaments on our tree every year so I found some new ideas for the kids to make.  We did a mix of simple, DIY and a little more detailed.  Leo wasn't super interested in all of them, but the older kids did an awesome job.

I had 4 different ornament options for the kids.  We started them all together and they could opt out of any ornament that they didn't want to make.  I had all the supplies for each ornament set up ahead of time on one tray.  Then I would remove a tray from the table when the ornament was done.

The ornaments turned out so cute!!  We love ours and I hope that the cousins are all proud of their hard work.  The kids helped me set up all the trays the night before.  I have been collecting ornament supplies for a while - JoAnn's, Amazon, Amazon boxes and our craft closet came in handy.

Look at these cute trees!!  The kids had to cut out a cardboard Christmas tree, pick a green yard to wrap their tree in and then some added garland and all added pom pom ornaments.  Hot glue required so I did the hot gluing for them.  I loved that all the trees were unique and personalized for each kid.

Each cousin went home with 4 adorable Christmas ornaments.

Crafting team!

We also made a cardboard reindeer.  They kids could either trace their hand print to make a reindeer like we did with Leo.  Or cut out a circle head, ears and antlers to make a unique reindeer of their own.  I hot glued the ears, antlers, eyes, nose and ornament ribbon on them to ensure they were extra durable.

Fletcher's cute reindeer and fuzzy tree.

These clear balls were so much fun to fill!  These ornaments were fast and fun to make. A nd each one turned out different.

Olive's darling reindeer that she dreamed up on her own.  I love crafts like this because we used amazon boxes for our cardboard and had all of the other supplies.

Look at this cute house!  The kids used markers on them and they turned out so sweet.

Cousin crew (minus one).

It was sweet to see the big cousins help the little ones when they finished early.  The kids wrote their name and year on the bottom or back of most of the ornaments.  We crafted, played and then had lunch together.

And Penny got lots of extra love.  I wrote each cousin's name on a Target bag so they'd have a to go back to hold their ornaments.

This was such a fun way to kick off our Christmas break.

Olive and I are already talking about ornament ideas for the cousins to make next year!


  1. OMG!!! I want to make a yarn tree now! & those houses are SUPER cute!

  2. Those are the cutest ornaments! I'm an adult and I want to make all of those especially the yarn trees!!

  3. What a fun celebration! I can the see the teacher in you coming out. :)

  4. What a fun idea and get together! Homemade ornaments will always hold a special place in my heart. I love the four designs you all chose. How precious!!


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