Monday, December 12, 2022

Easy Christmas Tree Cinnamon Rolls

We had the best low-key weekend at home.  The coming weeks will be busy with Christmas plans so it was a treat to be home together with no big plans.  My kids love a can of Aldi cinnamon rolls way more than homemade cinnamon rolls.  That's much easier for me.  They're super affordable and such an easy breakfast to make with them.

Any canned cinnamon rolls will work as long as they unroll.

Unroll each cinnamon roll and start building your tree from the bottom.

So easy and so cute!  Bake for 8 minutes at 350 and then let cool for a couple of minutes.

The icing comes in theses pouches.  Perfect for kids to use!

Turn on a Christmas movie with  your elves while you wait.

Start icing your rolls!  Add sprinkles for fun.

Fletcher = messy and fun just like him!

Olive = carefully planned out trees done as neatly as she could without wasting a drop of icing.  Just like her personality!

These were so fun to make together.  Low stress and the kids were really proud of their Cinnamon Roll Christmas trees.  You'll have to add some cinnamon rolls and sprinkles to your grocery list so that you can try these with your kids!


  1. Love! My kiddos will love adding their own icing and sprinkles. Added to my grocery list!

  2. Mason and I are definitely going to do this! How fun! I love a good festive food idea!


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