Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Elf Business: Week 2

We're going strong with our Christmas elves - Holly, Jolly & Chris!  The kids LOVE looking for them every morning and that motivates me to plan cute things for the elves to do each night.

A few things have made this elf business easier for me:

1.  I set a nightly alarm on my phone for 10:00pm to remind me to get the elves ready for the next day.

2. I keep all the elf supplies in one big bag in my pantry.  That way anytime I find a cute idea or pick up elf supplies at the store, I put them in that bag and don't have to hunt around the house for them.  

3. I also created an idea bank in my planner of elf options and have a secret Pinterest board of elf ideas.

Elf Business: Week 2

1 // Elves on the Shelves

They started a December Family Fun list for us.  We filled in lots of activities and things we wanted to do throughout the month of December.

2 // Elves on the tree with new ornaments

It took the kids a while to find them this day because they blended in perfectly with our tree.

3 // Rudolph the Red Nose Honda

Our van is now ready for Christmas!

4 // Cozy Christmas PJ Delivery

The kids thought this was so funny and couldn't wait to wear their pjs.

5 // Build us an elf house!

I left out lots of building supplies and saved boxes for building material.

Fletcher made a snow covered gingerbread house.  Olive made a sleigh filled with pictures of toys.

6 // Christmas clothes

The kids lay out their clothes every night.  After they went to bed, Kevin and I snuck upstairs to swap out their regular shirts for Christmas shirts.

7 // Elf Re-Fueling Station

I asked Kevin to save 3 Christmas blend K-cups for me.  Then I set up a cocoa/coffee station.  The kids loved this so much!  They cracked up at the candy cane straws and couldn't wait to drink hot chocolate after school.

Leo insisted on giving all the elves sips of Christmas coffee :)

We've got 11 days left of elf business.  My kids love it so much.  I'm happy to bring some extra Christmas cheer for them.  I know these little years fly by so fast so I'm glad I get to plan elf activities for them.  

How are your elves doing?  Share your favorite elf activities in the comments!


  1. I have truly loved seeing your Elf shenanigans on Instagram. Isn't the extra Christmas cheer and magic so amazing?

  2. Good job mama! Your elves are setting the bar high! I love it!

  3. I've loved seeing the Elf action! Thanks for sharing!


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