Friday, December 16, 2022

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  It's been a busy week here.  We had parties, lunch dates, and lots of fun this week.  My kids are out of school for Christmas and we're packing in lots of Christmas magic and cozy times at home.  Let me tell you about my favorite moments of the week!

1 // Elf Business

Our elves - Holly, Jolly & Chris - have kept busy this week.  The helped pack and wrap school lunches.  Look at the cute Christmas lunch!  The Elf Re-Fueling Station was also a big hit.  Leo kept trying to give all of the elves sips of cocoa from their peppermint straws.  You can see our most recent elf activity in this post.


2 // Cookie/Ornament Exchange

Leo and I went to a cookie and ornament exchange with some ladies from church.  It was really fun!  I got the perfect ornament after a little bit of stealing :)

3 // Jordan Bakery Box

I had a busy week of baking cookies!  I love a good holiday themed cookie.  I don't care for colored icing so I opt for themed M&Ms or sprinkles on my cookies.  These Christmas M&M Cookies have been really popular.

4 // Mr Grinch

We watched the cartoon Grinch this week for one of our movie nights at home and Leo is obsessed.  I ended up buying the DVD for him to watch in the car.  None of my other kids have really ever cared about The Grinch so this has been fun.  I've been looking for a cute Grinch ornament for him, but I haven't had much luck.

5 // Christmas Tree Cinnamon Rolls

Did you catch my post on these earlier this week?  My crew loved making their own little cinnamon roll trees.  There isn't anything easier than canned cinnamon rolls.

6 // Christmas Pjs

I love when the kids wear coordinating pjs so much!

7 // Homemade Christmas Gifts

Olive's class made these cute trees for their families for Christmas.  She couldn't wait for me to open it.  It's such a sweet Christmas tree on a stained wooden block.  I love it and am so thankful for her teachers that took the time to plan this for the kids to make.

8 // Christmas Parties

Fletcher made a sweet stocking and had a blast at his class party.  I couldn't make it to his party so I'm really thankful his teacher takes lots of pictures of all the kids to show parents on our class page.

He decorated his own stocking and write mom on it.  Sweet guy!

9 // Friend Gifts

Olive's friend surprised her with a Christmas gift so she wanted to get her friends a little something.  She found these ornaments online at Target, made sure they'd arrive before the end of the week and asked if she could order them.  I was impressed with her thorough planning.  Big kids are so fun!  She is really excited to give them to her best buddies today.

10 // Wiggly Teeth

Fletcher's dentist told us that he'd likely lose his front teeth by Christmas and it looks like that might just come true.  His sweet tiny baby teeth are wiggling everywhere.  I'm going to miss those cute baby teeth!  He's very excited and hopes that he might lose one at school.

11 // Worker Leo

Leo loves to dress up as a "worker" and then work on projects around the house.  Those projects aren't always helpful - turning over furniture, hammering ornaments on the tree or climbing to the highest heights - but he sure is a cute worker.  He's learning so many new words every day!!

12 // Olive

Olive is a sweet big sister (Leo can do no wrong in her book) and she had a Christmas choir concert - her first concert ever.  I'm so proud of her for trying something new and loving it!  She's far more musical and talented in that department that me.  She's been working hard after school and singing her songs for weeks.

Life is better with good friends.

I hope you've got some fun plans with the people you love this weekend!

See you back here on Monday with some fun Christmas posts.

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  1. Olive looks so grown up in the last picture! So sweet that she wanted to give Christmas gifts to her buddies. And Fletcher's loose teeth...won't he look so different when he loses those baby teeth. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I was never a huge fan of the grinch either but I really did love that cartoon version and wished it had come out when my boys were younger; I think we would have watched that a lot. Your cookies and cinnamon roll trees look delicious!


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