Monday, December 19, 2022

Christmas Weekending

Happy Monday!  Just 6 more days until Christmas and we've kicked off the Christmas festivities.  We had 2 birthday parties, a Christmas party, church, baking and cleaning and cancelled plans.  That sounds about right for this time of year.

Fletcher ended the week with a Polar Express/PJ day.  He got to bring in a favorite stuffed animal and watch a movie with his class.  They also caroled with their grade level.  Front Tooth Watch 2022 is still in full effect.  His front tooth is hanging on by a thread.  He also comes home from school and says things like this - "Mom, my friend dared me to do this cool new trick.  It didn't work out like I planned and I landed on my nose.  Is it red?  It really hurt."  Oh Fletch.  Please be careful!

Olive's teacher and the 4th grade team transformed their commons area into STARBOOKS - hot chocolate, treats and cozy reading spots for everyone and she was THRILLED.  The teachers dressed up like baristas and fixed all the kids drinks.  They worked on a service project, read books with friends and got to pick out a new book to bring home.  Her teacher snaps the cutest pictures of the kids throughout the day.

Leo is very into COZY spots these days.  He lays down and requests we make his spot COZY.

Lots of Christmas pjs and snuggles this weekend.

Our cute cousin/niece Addison turned 16 this weekend.  We loved her cow themed party at a local coffee shop Trickeys.  It was fun to celebrate with her!  She is the sweetest.  All the kids love her, but Leo mihgt love her the most.  Local friends - the square in Boonville is decorated so cute for Christmas.  These giant nutcrackers are all around the square.  We'd love to go back and browse.

Another cousin - Ella - had a birthday party!  Leo LOVES cake.  Can you tell!?  He handed Ella presents and didn't break a single thing at any party we went to this weekend.  Yay Leo!

Cozy cats :)  They get excited when the kids head to bed so they can have our full attention.

It's been chilly out so Leo requests "glubs" when we go on our walks.

Our church has done the cutest things for the kids for the entire month of December.  They kids have been making ornaments in their classes, doing Happy Birthday activities for Jesus and then this weekend they came home with everything they would need to have a birthday party for Jesus.  It was so sweet for them to get such a big focus on baby Jesus all month long!

Leo's teachers made this ornament for him.  They stamp this cute heart on his hand each week and says Jesus loves you.  They stamped it on this wood for us to always remember.  I appreciate them so much.

The kid's technology teacher 3D printed them these reindeer ornaments!  Both kids love her class so we sent in some cookies.  Isn't is so neat!?

I baked lots of Monster Cookies for Jordan Bakery Box this weekend.

We ended the weekend with my dad's family Christmas.  My parents have their house all decked out - I'll have to post a tour!  Everything was delicious and such a fun time.

What did you do to this weekend?

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  1. What a fun weekend! It sounds like you have found such a caring church home.


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