Friday, July 27, 2018

Kindergarten Makes Me Cry

Well, we have reached the parenting milestone that seemed so far in the distance back in 2013 when they handed me a tiny bundle of a baby girl.  Olive is heading to Kindergarten in August.  She claims to have 600 butterflies in her stomach about it, but at last count it was down to 300.  We have about two weeks to clear out the last 300 butterflies.  Wish me luck!

She is ready.

She's smart.

She's feisty.

She's eager to learn and super curious about learning to read.

She hopes her teacher is much like Miss Honey.

I know she's going to love it and I'm so proud of her.

But, Kindergarten makes me cry.

Let me explain. 

We are 100% pumped over kindergarten and really selling it hard at home.

But, I am nervous about her making nice friends and her teacher really getting to know her with a class full of other kids.  New things make me anxious so I'm trying hard to figure out all the things before school starts.  She's starting a new school and I'm hoping I've prepared her well enough.

I'm reading kindergarten picture books with a lump in my throat.  I'm tearing up reading over the giant parent handbook for elementary school. I'm crying happy tears over supply lists and the idea of going shopping with her.  I promise her through teary eyes that I'll take her to and from school to avoid the scary school bus.  I teared up with pride during the school tour when she was so excited to see all of the cool spots she'd be learning.

I am really excited about her starting elementary school so there have been plenty of tears of JOY.  I taught elementary school for 9 years before Olive was born.  I taught 2nd and 3rd grade and know that these young elementary years are so much fun!  I can't wait to see all of the things she learns and does in her school.  I'm also hoping to be a really fun parent volunteer :)

I tear up when I think about just how fast these little years have gone by.  People kept saying they will fly by, but it was hard to notice the warp speed with all of the new things happening in our lives these past five years.  If you're home with little babies right now, go and snuggle them a little extra because they'll be heading off to school in the blink of an eye.

I know it'll be an adjustment for us - new routines, new bedtimes, new schedules and new independence.  I am excited to figure out a new routine with Fletcher.  It'll be fun to have some alone time with him.  I know he's going to miss his BFF, but I'm determined to fill our days with learning opportunities and fun while Olive is doing the same thing.  

So on the first day of school, You can bet that I'll be the mom sporting oversized sunnies with tears in my eyes waving goodbye at drop off. 

Am I alone?? 

Will you be teary eyed with me or eager to get your kids back into the school routine??

Does anyone else have an incoming kindergartner??
Let me know and I'll be praying for you, too!   


  1. Aw is she your youngest? It was really hard for me to send my oldest two off to kindergarten and know it'll be really hard to send my younger ones!

  2. My baby starts Kindergarten too! I have already sent my first-born to kindergarten so I remember all those unknowns and feelings of nervousness for how they will do. She will do great, I'm sure! Kindergarten is a really special and fun year so that helps! Now 1st grade is way more serious so just enjoy kindergarten.

  3. My son attended half day Kindergarten. It really helped transition me into school! He didn't need the transitioning but I definitely did!

  4. Oh girl, my heart is goign out to you and I'm not even there yet! We had L's 4 yr. old well check yesterday and our ped asked if we needed school forms (our local public school has blown their very robust 4 year old pre-k wide open in the past year or so) and I said no, we were doing one more year of our private pre-school + Mimi/Coach time. Then today we were at Target and she was oooo'ing and ahh'ing over the backpacks for back to school displays and I felt my heart lurch thinking about doin gall of this next year. YOu got this, and so does Olive!! xo

  5. Oh I remember every one of these emotions SO well. I cried after dropping Solon off and remember looking back and thinking I left part of my heart behind but oh my goodness they learn so much and grow so much that year! I promise you it gets easier like any new chapter but in the mean time, just know you aren't alone :)

  6. I will totally be teary this fall. W is starting K and C is starting preschool...


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