Tuesday, July 24, 2018

14 Years Ago We Said I DO!

Happy 14th anniversary, Kev!!

Lots of Love 07.24.04

Today we celebrate... 14 Years of marriage
(+ many more years of LOVE)

3 degrees // 3 jobs // 3 churches

2 kids // 2 cats

4 states // 6 homes

9 cars // 2 cruises

8 National Parks

11 nieces and nephews

4 ER visits // 1 surgery

Millions of smiles

Too many road trips, flights & adventures to count

Far more UPS than DOWNS

Tons of football, family & FUN

The best is yet to come!!  I LOVE YOU!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Blessings for many more years of love and laughs!

  2. Happy anniversary!!! I hope you have an amazing day!

  3. Happy anniversary to you both!

  4. Happy Anniversary you two :) May you have the best day celebrating and another blessed year to come!

  5. Happy anniversary! You both look the same as you did that day! Not fair! My husband and I were also married in 2004!


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