Monday, July 30, 2018

Hello Monday!!

Our weeks have been full of fun this summer and this past week was no exception.  Everyone was happy, healthy and we enjoyed ourselves.  We had date nights, family in town, fun with friends and some delicious food.  I'm kind of in denial that Summer is wrapping up, but we are starting the week with a to do list of FUN things to squeeze in before school starts.

Pool Days! 
We've been to the pool as much as possible this summer.  The kids both love their puddle jumpers and are happy to have some independence in the water.  This Summer has felt much easier with two kids than any other summer.  Kevin's even surprised us a time or two and gone with us during the day.  The kids love his flexible schedule in the Summers.

Mom's Night Out. 
My friend and I headed out for a night of dinner and clothes shopping.  We had the best time.  We went to our favorite restaurant in town Fifis and both loved our food.  I'm dying to recreate this quinoa salad and the pie was heavenly.  It was a PECAN BACON CHOCOLATE CHIP PIE.  Wouldn't that be a fun one to try at home!?!  Stayed tuned for both of these recipes.

Bakers in Training. 
Both kids love helping me bake.  Fletcher mostly loves helping me by sampling and emptying every kitchen utensil out of the drawers.  Olive is for real helpful.  We surprised Kevin and made his favorite brownies one evening.

This is the only kind of school we can think about in July :)

Minty Cruiser.
Kevin surprised me with a minty cruiser for our anniversary.  I'm not usually a fan of surprises, but surprise gifts is something I can get on board with.  He was so proud because he found a great deal online, used several coupons and discounts and then built it for me.  It's so much fun!!  I'm still trying to come up with the perfect name for her.  Any suggestions??

I am amazed at how quickly Fletcher can go from clean to dirty.  We were outside for five minutes and he required a change of clothes, sink bath and then a real bath that night.   

My parents came in town for the weekend!  We ate at our favorite pizza spot, played outside, worked on some projects and enjoyed the amazing weather.

 My siblings came into town the following day for a fun BBQ.  It was so nice to host my whole family at my house.  As you know we've always lived far from "home", so being 2 hours from most of our family seems like such a treat!  I am hoping to make this a Summer tradition.  Kevin loves to grill.  Fletcher said, "Mama, your food SO GOOD!".

The cousin crew had a great time playing.  I'd HIGHLY recommend this giant inflatable ball from Sams.  It's under $20 and was hilarious to play with.  We all laughed so hard.

 The original 5 Heilmans (plus 12 more family members running around behind us)

Fletcher decided that he was not going to let Olive leave him behind any more and just started riding his bike this week.  He can pedal fast and is still working on the whole breaking/steering thing.  It's crazy to see him riding all by himself.


We've been going to a really sweet church and loving it this Summer.  Olive had preschool graduation on Sunday.  They did a really nice job and gave the kids a Bible of their own.  It was wonderful!  Both kids are loving their Sunday School classes and going without too many tears.  It has been such a blessing to us to be able to go to church services knowing that they're happily learning about Jesus in their class.

Hope your July is going great!!  Happy Monday!!  Linking up with the ladies of Hello Monday


  1. What lovely days! That ball from Sam’s is amazing! And Fletcher’s comment about your cooking is the cutest thing ever. So sweet! Thanks for sharing all the fun you’ve been having :-)

  2. Yay for family fun and a church you love :) That beach ball is awesome, my kids would totally love it!

  3. I love your new bike!! I am horrible at coming up with names though - kinda like Minty! The family pictures were perfect! What great memories!

  4. That pecan bacon pie looks incredible! If you come up with a recipe, then I'll have to try it!

  5. What a fun weekend! I love getting to spend the weekend with my family - and good food just takes it over the top. :) Your kitchen island/buffet is so festive with your red, white and blue. I'm so glad you've found a church that you've enjoyed visiting! I know you've been on the hunt for a while. Can't wait for that pie recipe - YUM!

  6. Fun with family for sure!! Love your new bike!

  7. I just had to chuckle; with three boys of my own I know they can go from clean to dirty in .06 seconds.

  8. So much fun! I think your bike needs an older name like Edna or Gladys :)


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