Thursday, July 12, 2018

Best Gift Ever: A T-Shirt Quilt

I have been saving Kevin's Notre Dame t-shirts for years... like 15 years.  I knew I wanted to give him a t-shirt quilt someday, but I wasn't exactly sure how to make that happen.  My sewing skills are not great.  I knew I needed to outsource this job.  I just didn't want to spend a small fortune on this birthday gift.  Insert the perfect solution: Project Repat!!

I learned about Project Repat through a friend on social media and I got so excited.  I couldn't wait to collaborate with them for this project.

Head here to read all about the company and the process of making each quilt.  If you sign up for their emails, they will send you an instant coupon code for 15% off right now!  You can also use the code "repatfriend" for 15% off.

I dusted off the box of Kevin's t-shirts and got busy prepping them to be sent off.  I was a tiny bit nervous about sending off his favorite shirts, but the company has made over 200,000 t-shirt quilts!!  That was an impressive stat that made me feel confident in their work.

You can read all about their story here.

Get all of your questions answered and watch a video tutorial on how to prep your shirts here.

I was really impressed with the process!  It was far cheaper, easier and more fun than I was expecting.

The process:
You place your order for the quilt.  Be sure to count up how many shirts you have - each side counts a quilt block so figure out if you just want to use the front, back or both of the shirts.
Pick a fleece color for the back side of the quilt.
Select shipping time.
You can pay an additional fee to choose the arrangement of your shirts.  I DID NOT do this option and was VERY pleased with the lay out they chose.

Start cutting your shirts along the seam.  Watch the tutorial video on their site and it's super easy.  I had a Gilmore Girls marathon while I cut t-shirts one night.  It took me a little over an hour to cut and choose my favorite 30 sides of shirts for Kevin's quilt.

You are responsible for the shipping cost to mail your t-shirts to the nearest manufacturing cut and sew company that they assign you to.

They email you updates along the way when they receive your box, when it's in production and it's really easy to track.  Everything was made and shipped on time.

I'd HIGHLY recommend Project Repat to anyone!!

I was so excited to give Kevin his quilt.  He was SHOCKED.  He couldn't believe that I'd saved, organized and prepared his t-shirts for a quilt.  He LOVED it and said seeing all of his favorite Notre Dame t-shirts was almost as wonderful as seeing me walk down the aisle on our wedding day.  Hahahaha  Guess that means he was a big fan :)

Do you have anyone in your life that would LOVE a t-shirt quilt???

I can't wait to use Kevin's blanket at home, when we tailgate or when we're cheering on the Irish this Fall!  It's such a fun keepsake.


  1. Thank you so much for the tip. I might do this for the kids for high school or college graduation.

  2. My sister makes these too for our family! such a great gift and great way to use all of those old shirts!!! Hugs

  3. What a NEAT, special gift Whitney!! I am so happy Kevin was so thrilled about it!!

  4. SO cool. I have been saving my St. Louis Cardinals shirts from childhood (thanks Mom!) in hopes of doing so one day. I have all sorts: favorite players, when they won the World Series in 2006 and 2011, etc. This gives me an idea on if Trey has any of his baseball shirts left from high school. He would get a kick out of that.

  5. What a WONDERFUL gift! And so eat that you had a part in the prep too! Way to go, girl!!

  6. My mom had my sorority shirts made into a quilt, and I still love pulling it out almost 10 years later! It's usually only used for guests that are staying over, but it is such a perfect keepsake - usual and nostalgic.

  7. What a wonderful gift! Something like this is sure to be a hit when given as a gift.

  8. I have a tshirt quilt of my shirts from undergrad and a whole other stack of shirts to make another one. I love these quilts because they are so comfy!


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