Friday, July 6, 2018

Friday, Family Fun & Fourth of July

The week after vacation is always a little bit of a struggle.  You go from lots of family time, relaxed schedules and fun to normal things like grocery shopping, cleaning and routines.  Thank goodness we had July 4th to add some extra fun to our week.  I've always loved holidays - the food, the decorations and the festivities.  Holidays with kids is even more fun!!

These were the best tacos I've made in a long time.  My dinners have been pretty boring lately.  I really need to try some new recipes, but that seems like a lot of effort.  I will definitely be making these again - tons of delicious topping and we grated our own cheese.  SO good!

My very favorite earring shop is having a HUGE summer sale this weekend.  Everything is 30% off through Sunday!!  It's impossible to pick a favorite - rose gold, stripes, floral, cork, etc.  Go and check out ADVdesigns on etsy and start shopping.  The earrings are really affordable, super light weight and are so fun to wear.  Shop here --> ADVdesigns Etsy Shop

Here's my latest order from them:  I wear them ALL the time!

The whole family went grocery shopping this week and these two were thrilled.  I've been doing more grocery pick up from Walmart than going to the actual stores.  These two were thrilled to go into the store and ride Sandy.

My blog turned 7 this week!  You can read all about it here.

Olive and I have been trying hard to do some fun things while Fletcher naps every afternoon.  She's been requesting to bake.  How can you say no to this cutie in an apron??  Matilda Jane has the cutest aprons and clothes!!

Confession: sometimes it's hard for me to want to try new things, go new places or to do things with lots of unknowns.  I almost always enjoy the new things, but I do have to make myself say YES to them.  I'm glad we said yes to this fun little road trip adventure.

We went on a quick little road trip with friends to check out a vintage soda shop.  We had lunch and enjoyed the treat.  The vintage decor was fun to look at.  Both kids were HOT from playing at a playground so the cool treat was a nice reward.  Fletcher wasn't thrilled to wait for his food.

Fletcher was just there for the food.  Licked his lunch box and moved onto ice cream.

Olive enjoyed the food, but was mostly interested in visiting and people watching :)

I'm always up for a good BLT.

We got to check out a new park while we were in a new town and it was great!  We'll definitely go back.

4th of July!!
We headed to the country club for the third year in a row.  It was so fun to be there.  It was super hot in Indiana which made it the perfect day to spend at the pool.  The kids loved the snow cones, the bounce house was a fire station and the pool felt great.  Poor Kevin got stung by a giant wasp.  His arm got really swollen and he's still having trouble with it days later.  He just does not react well to bee stings :(  Other than that, the day was great!  We grilled out at home, Kevin bought "just a few" fireworks and we all stayed up way too late.

Hope you have a great weekend!!  We have several fun things on the calendar - date night, 4th of July party with friends and a quick road trip!!  Should be great!!

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  1. What a week! That soda fountain is adorable. I am so glad those still exist here and there. So sorry about Kevin’s arm, I hope he is feeling better !

  2. The food table is so adorable. You are the best at taking pictures. I wish I would remember to document more often. Jack was the crazy kid that put a sparkler to his lip. #lifelessons


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