Thursday, May 28, 2015

Highs and Lows

Here are the highs and lows of things at our house right now:

HIGH: We just got to go home to Indiana for the first time since Christmas to celebrate Olive's birthday a little early with family and friends.  We got to see TONS of family and friends.  We came back exhausted which is the sign of a great trip in my mind :)

LOW: We took our cats up to Indiana to stay at my parent's house until we move to Indiana in a few months.  We knew it would be hard on them to have to leave the house for showings, we didn't have anywhere to take them when we were out of town and their lives would just be calmer and quieter this way.  I cried like a baby when I said goodbye and I may or not be crying as I type this.  They've been my babies for 7ish years and we've never left them for more than 2 weeks at a time.  They are my shadows and stay up late working with me every night.  I'm slightly afraid that they'll feel abandoned and attempt a Milo and Otis style run away this summer.  Let's hope not and pray they forgive me for sending them off to kitty summer camp at the lake house.  My husband keeps reminded me that they have each other, but I still miss them.

HIGH: Our yard is looking beautiful.  I've kept everything alive and thriving for nearly two months all by myself.  I've Miracle Growed things, watered regularly and might just might be developing a green thumb.  I've weeded flower beds and am really proud of how well everything is doing.

LOW: We are doing research and looking at places to rent in our new city.  We visited for one day and tried to see as much as possible.  We looked at apartments, condos and houses and are starting to narrow down favorites.  It's a little too early to reserve anything since we don't want to pay rent too long before moving in.  We are trying to time it all perfectly so that we end up in a place we'll be really happy with.  Oh and it's 10 hours away from Mississippi so we can't just drive up for a visit to scope a place out very easily.

HIGH: Olive is turning TWO on Friday and I'm loving planning fun things for her to do.  We are going to have a little water party for her at home.  She's getting a water table, pool and she got some other fun water toys that we'll set up for her to play in as long as she wants.  I think we'll grill out or pick up pizza and have cake.  She's going to love it!!

LOW: My bills/house paperwork needs some major overhauling.  I have everything in one spot, but it needs several hours devoted to it so that I can make sense of everything.  I can't do this project when Olive is awake so I need to get busy on it one evening.  I'm hoping to throw away tons of outdated paperwork and keep just the necessities.

HIGH: I've been cleaning out everything we own and getting ready to get rid of things.  My garage sale pile is growing and we are hoping to have a giant moving sale in July.  It's so freeing to purge and I love seeing empty spaces in my cabinets and closets.  Leave no closet unturned!!  Do you have any tips for me for the best types of price tags to use?  I was hoping to price each box as I go so I'm not left pricing everything the night before.

LOW: I still have not switched my closet from winter to spring/summer.  I keep pulling shirts/shorts out of storage boxes to wear but need to spend an evening working on this project since it's HOT already in Mississippi.

HIGH: Several of you recommended keeping a clear coat of polish on my nails to help them grow.  I started doing it and definitely noticed an improvement!  Thanks for the tip for my slow growing nails.

LOW: I have a stack of about 10 things that need to be returned.  They are all organized, receipts taped to them and in my car ready to be returned.  I have been putting it off, but I know it'll feel good to get some gift cards and other money back.  I am hoping to plan one morning of running errands to get all of this stuff returned.

HIGH: Our meals this week involve lots of grilling!  I always enjoy summer grilling.  It's delicious and it means that my dinner prep is a little less than usual.  My hubby does all the grilling and I marinate the meat and take care of the sides.  It works out well for both of us.

LOW: Did I already mention that I miss my cats terribly??  :(

HIGH: Olive is talking SO MUCH!  We have conversations and she says the cutest things.  I walked into her room yesterday after her nap.  She wrapped her arms around my neck and said "I miss you".  She also is starting to talk more when we are out and about.  I almost collided with a lady's cart in the grocery store and before I got a chance to say sorry Olive shouted SORRY to her.  We both giggled :)

LOW: I signed up for an ebates account, but haven't had any luck with it.  I log onto ebates, search for the store I want to shop at, click on the link to pull on the store and then make a purchase.  No record of said purchase on my ebates account.  What am I doing wrong?  Everyone talks about how wonderful it is, but I haven't had any luck.  Help!

HIGH: I have been making more time to read during the day.  I am making myself open a book instead of scrolling through my phone.  I'm almost done with The Fringe Hours and have loved it.

Go snuggle your pets for me :)
Any HIGHS or LOWS to share with me?


  1. I would LOVE an answer to the Ebates question, too! I'm having the same issue.

  2. I really agree with doing your paperwork filing in one sitting. I've had two major stabs at it, lose my motivation, and leave the mess for weeks. And I'm not going to lie: I miss Purrburger the three hours a month I take her to the groomer. My house is just so empty without her (since my husband isn't home when I normally take her).

  3. Oh my goodness, how sad that you're separated from the boys! I always miss my kitties when I'm gone for a weekend - I can't imagine being away from them for so long. However, I don't blame you and I'd agree that it was a wise decision to save them the stress of house showings and boxed-up houses. We thought about moving a while back (we aren't) and that was my first thought - what would I do with the cats while the house is being shown? I'd be afraid to leave them inside, in case someone let them out accidentally.

    I've had that problem with ebates, but only when using it for booking travel. When I shop at places like The Body Shop, I do what you described: enter the name of the store in the search box and click on a link that takes you to the actual store's site. The thing you're looking for is an in-between screen after you click on that link. It will give you a transaction number and say something like "you're on your way to 8% cash back."


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