Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tuesday Talk: 14 Tips for Taking Toddlers to the Beach

Summer is quickly approaching and I know many of you will be heading to the beach with or with out kids.  If you are going sans kids, please read lots of magazines, enjoy a good book or two and nap on the beach for me.  If you are taking kiddos, I have a few toddler tips for you...

We are making plans to head to the beach again this summer and it'll be our third time taking Olive.  We've learned a few tricks and things that make beach going easier on all of us over the years.

Enjoying the Beach with Your Littles

1. Sunscreen yourself and your kiddo before you take them out to the water.  If not, you'll have a very unhappy little person trying to run towards the water before they've been properly sunscreened.

2. Bring snacks and drinks for you and your toddler.  Try to find things that aren't sticky so they don't end up sand covered.  We do goldfish, pretzel sticks, grapes, etc.  Eat breakfast before you head to the water and pack a picnic lunch if you think your kids would be up to it.

3. Bring sand and water toys.

4. Rent an umbrella or bring your own for shade.  Your kids will play longer at the beach if they have a shady/cool spot to play. 

5. Stick to your usual nap routine.  We usually try to go back to the room to shower off and nap in the afternoon.  When Olive was a baby she'd nap on a beach chair, but there's too much to see and do for her to want to nap now.

6. Bring a tiny container of baby powder.  If you sprinkle it on your sandy baby the sand will just brush off.

7.  Put a sun hat on your child.  I love the ones with chin straps.  The ones without tend to blow off in the ocean breeze.  If your toddler will wear sunglasses wear those, too.

8. Bring wet wipes/swim diapers just in case you have to change a diaper.

9. Bring one beach towel per person and a few wash cloths to wipe eyes.

10. Head down to the water early in the morning or late in the afternoon.  Try to avoid the hottest time of day to avoid too much sun exposure and over heating.

11. Bring an extra adult with you.  This is totally a bonus thing, but it's really nice if there are more adults than kids.

12.  The sand gets HOT so be prepared to carry your kiddo to the boardwalk.  Also keep this in mind when you are packing things.  Don't over pack because your bags get heavy!

13. Buy one of those baby floats with a canopy if you're going to be in the pool.  I'm excited for Olive to try hers out this year.

14. Bring a cup or ziploc bag to collect shells in.  Kids have tons of fun looking for shells so it's nice to have a container for them.

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  1. Great, great tips. Passing on to my daughter who's heading to the beach with her toddler. I love the picture of her sunbathing on the chair. She's rockin it!!! From Tuesday Talk

  2. Great tips.. The baby powder really works :)
    Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

  3. Good tips! We head to the beach in about 2 weeks with a preschooler and a very busy toddler!

  4. I can't put any of this to use (yet) but will definitely remember for the future! In the mean time, I just love the pictures of Olive, she looks like she's having a blast! :)


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