Friday, May 1, 2015

My May Goals

I love starting off the month with a fresh set of goals.  It helps me to write out the things I hope to get done and then I post my list right next to my computer.  I feel like I'm much more accountable with my lists when I make them known and refer to them often.

A little recap of my March/April 2015 Goals:
I didn't get everything done so I'll bump some things to next month and others to this summer.
1. Make play dough for Olive - this has been on my to do list for two months now so it WILL get done this month!!  St. Patrick's Day play dough would be lots of fun :)
2.  Make a hair appointment to get some layers/trim
3. Read Jesus Calling every day and continue to work hard on my Bible studies.

4. Plan out some fun things to do (projects, must do items and restaurants to go to with them) when my parents come to Mississippi this month.
5. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by making cards with Olive to mail to family and friends and make clover sugar cookies for neighbors, friends and Kevin's co-workers.

6. Eat the rainbow - lots of salads, fruits and veggies instead of junk food.
7. Meet Kevin for lunch during the work week

8. Work on having Olive use the potty more during the day
9. Now that I've cleaned out our closets, I need to drop off the donations and figure out my consignment options.
10. Initiate play dates/lunch dates with friends.
11. I've been saving notes, pictures and other mementos from my 9 years of teaching in Utah.  Work on assembling a teaching scrapbook.  I've already gathering the supplies and organized the items so I just need to get everything out and work on putting it all together.
12. Start thinking about Olive's 2nd birthday party at the end of May.  I'm not sure how we are already at this point - wasn't she just born?? :)
13. Hang the gallery wall and other decor in Olive's room.
14. Get moving and take advantage of more daylight this month - go for walks, walk at the mall (on rainy days), explore new parks and be active! 

May 2015 Goals:
1. All of my Bible studies and Moms groups wrap up this month so I'd like to initiate play dates, plan lunch dates, find story times and other fun summer activities to include in our summer routine.
2. Write thank you notes to Olive's teachers and make them fun treats to thank them for being so sweet to both of us all year.  I'd also like to send encouraging notes to my the leaders of my various groups.
3. I'd like to continue to clean out my closet and create a capsule wardrobe to try for a month.  I love the idea of sorting your clothes into a group of things you know fit you well, you love wearing and simplifying the outfit planning process.
4. Have fun working on the details of Olive's Some Bunny is Turning TWO party.
5. Read for fun and make my way through my stack of books I've been wanting to read.
6. Keep planning healthy meals and exercising as much as possible.  Track steps on my FitBit and keep moving to reach 10,000+ steps a day.
7. DIY some garden stakes for my herb/veggie garden and take good care of all of our plants.
8. Sell things on ebay.  My husband and I have been collecting things we no longer use or want to sell so get busy on this project.
9. Work on potty training Olive since she's showing signs of being ready.
10. Try a new restaurant / visit a new place in Mississippi
11. Start finalizing summer travel plans, out of town guests and fun things to do this summer.
12. I'm going to start blogging 6-8 times a week instead of my usual 10.  I want to spend more time doing things with my family in the evenings and weekend now that the weather is getting nicer.  I really do LOVE blogging and it's become one of my favorite hobbies over the last four years.  I want to continue to share my favorite things with you and also make sure that I'm really enjoying time with my family.  So I'm hoping to find a good summer balance.  I'll still blog every day, but some days will be one post instead of two.  I'm hoping this will give me time to read the stack of books I've been meaning to get to, hang out with my hubby, tackle some creative/DIY projects and do fun things with Olive without having to think "Are my posts ready for tomorrow?" 
Wish me luck :)
What are you working on this month?

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  1. I love Olive's face in this picture. I'm working on writing my May goals. One thing I want to accomplish is to come up with a few plans and accomplish as much of my 101 in 1001 as possible.

  2. I admire your ambition to set so many goals for the month! I have some scrapbooking projects I need to finish as well, I find it so hard to set aside an afternoon or evening to craft! Good luck with your goals! :)

  3. I knew you blogged consistently, but I didn't realize it was 10 times a week! That is incredible. I think you deserve a "break" with 6-8. Wow! I have major respect for your dedication!


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