Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Highlights

It was a great week at our house - nice weather, nice days and nice things going on for everyone.  We had delicious Mexican for dinner one night (heavy on the chips & queso) and got our house 100% decorated for Christmas.  There's something bright and cheery everywhere you look.  We listened to Christmas carols, watched Christmas movies and are really enjoying this December.

Now for the highlights...

1. I updated my chalk board with a Christmasy message and LOVE how it turned out!!  We also got our stockings hung for the family and our cats.  Does anyone else put up stockings for their furry family members??

2. I made some delicious Christmas treats and got out my Christmas dishes.
Christmas Tree Cream Puffs

3. I got a chance to do a little DIY Cupcake Wrapper Christmas Tree garland during nap time one day and it looks so sweet hanging in my kitchen.  It was really easy and only took about 20  minutes.

4. We've been DIYing up a storm... tune back in next week to see some pretty cute stamped gift tags.  We also saved sand & shells from our trip to the beach this summer and I turned them into a sweet ornament for Olive's tree.  I'm working on a tutorial for next week.

5. Got GREAT news that Olive's hand is healing very well from her bad burn two weeks ago.  Her surgery was successful and it looks like she's going to heal nicely without any further procedures.

6. My parent's 14 year old dog went missing for over 24 hours.  Everyone searched high and low for him and my brother finally found him sleeping under my bed.  We were all nervous about where he might have gone or what could have happened to him, but he was comfy and cozy having a little STAYcation upstairs.

Hope you have a great weekend!!
We are hoping to squeeze in some Christmas fun and family time!


  1. I love your cupcake liner garland! That is adorable and SO clever. We thought we lost our cat during a big move when I was in highschool. She broke out of her cat carrier and was hiding under the seats in our minivan. That's a scary time, I'm glad your parents found their dog! I'm so thankful that Olive is healing well. Thanking the Lord for answered prayer!

  2. So happy little miss hand is healing. What a neat idea for the gift tags too! Visiting from the link up and I am happy to say I am a new follower!

  3. Love the chalkboard! I definitely hand a stocking for my furry animals, well, just the dog, the cats dont have one. :)

  4. Super cute! We used to put one up for our cat and dog, but now the kids are taking up too much space! Love your blog, found it on the link up :-)

  5. I love your chalkboard!

    We absolutely out up stockings for our two furbabes. We usually fill theirs with new toys and treats so that they have something to do while we open presents.


  6. Oh my gosh the dog snoozing under your bed! Too funny! Your house seems SO festive! I'm so not in a christmas spirit yet and that needs to change stat! I love your Christmas dishes! My mom has the same ones and it immediately brought me back seeing those!

  7. Your chalkboard looks awesome! We also hang up a stocking for our dog. I am so so so glad you guys found your parent's dog. How scary!


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