Thursday, December 11, 2014

25 Christmas Books

I've been collecting Christmas books for Olive since she was born.  It was fun to pick them up here and there.  I found great deals on some, was gifted some more and even picked up some board books at The Dollar Tree this year.  Would you believe that those $1 books are her favorites of the whole set??  Toddlers are funny like that.  We have ended up with 25 Christmasy books to read through this month.  There are board books to The Polar Express and everything in between.  I think it'll be a nice collection to add to each year as she outgrows some of the younger books.

@ 18 Months Olive's Favorites are:
Llama Llama Jingle Bells
any books with flaps to lift - Christmas Peek A Boo
Rhyming books from The Dollar Tree
Any books with texture or glitter sections

We flip through and look at the pictures of the longer books, reread the board books all day long and I keep reading Olive, the Other Reindeer to her because I want it to be one of her favorites.

 I've seen people wrap their book advent calendars and unwrap a book every day to read.  I love the idea, but felt like Olive was too little to appreciate it this year.  She loves going through the whole pile of books and handing them to me to read.  For her, half the fun is having a whole pile of books to play with so this works best for us.  Maybe next year I'll think about wrapping them.

What are favorite Christmas books at your house?
Topher was also interested in our Christmas reading selections :)

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