Sunday, December 14, 2014

Olive @ 17 Months

I meant to post Olive's 17 month post weeks ago, but we were a little distracted with life at our house.  I keep a list on my phone and add to it all month long so I remember the new things she's doing.  I'll do another update for her 18 month and then my updates will be more sporatic.  She's growing up so fast so I'll continue to document cute things she's doing but it'll likely happen more randomly than each month.

// Olive started stomping her feet, twirling in a circle and squatting down as if she were going to jump up, but she can't quite figure out how to get those silly feet off the ground... yet :)

// She's become a Taylor Swift fan and now says Shake Shake when she hears her favorite song.

// Olive had her first ear infections - DOUBLE ear infections actually.

// Reading or being read to is her favorite hobby.  She still love Llama Llama books and will come and sit in your lap with a book.  She won't take no for an answer when she wants to read so we do a lot of reading.

// She counts One, Two followed by an occasional five and nine.  She has no use for three.

// Favorite words:
shoe, What's this, Hey Toph, Shoe, choo choo,
happy, quack quack, kitty cat, on, down (which means up)
ish (for fish)

// Olive learned her first name outside of our immediate family and my dad was thrilled!!
Papaw is her word of choice and she talks to him on her pretend phone all day.  She asked for him in the hospital and she says his name when she sees his pictures.  It's really sweet.

// Olive picks up her baby dolls and says shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

// Her shoe obsession continues... she talks about shoes, sorts her shoes, tries them on, tries on our shoes, walks around wearing our shoes and brings us her shoes when we says it's time to go

// Learned how to feed the cats treats.  They are slightly confused that someone they are so leery of is giving them food.  They are all warming up to each other.

// She went on her first train ride and said choo choo all day.

// Olive discovered the wonderful world of DIPS - salsa and ranch being her favorites.  She dips chips and carrots like it's her job.

// Speaking of ranch dressing, it's her new favorite condiment.

// She has quite the scowl that comes out when strangers try to talk to her, she's in an unfamiliar situation or if we tell her NO.  It's adorable.

My favorite shots of the month:

You sure are a lot of fun, Olive!


  1. So many adorable pictures!! And love the imagery of her squatting down to try to jump. So cute! One day she'll just pop up!! :)

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  2. These pictures are so cute! I love that you keep the monthly updates. I stopped at 12 months and wish I had continued. How'd Olive learn dips? Olivia doesn't get them yet.

  3. I love all of the pictures:) When you tell Kane to jump, he goes up on his tippy-toes real fast, then drops his heels back down. He can't quite figure it out either, but it's so cute to watch them try. Hope Olive is continuing to feel better!

  4. Her grumpy face = lol. And cats do seem to like those who feed them.


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