Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Family Fun {Christmas Break} To Do List

I always try to come up with a list of fun things I'm HOPING to get to do over a break.  There's no pressure because it's all things that I want to do and I rarely cross everything off my list.  It's just a bank of options for things we'd like to get around to doing.  It helps us to make the most of our Christmas break and pack in as much fun as possible.  Be sure to include all family members in the planning so you are sure to include a few things that each person is hoping to get to do.

Family Fun To Do List:

1. Watch a movie together
2. Bake a festive treat together
3. Write Christmas thank you notes
4. Make plans with family & friends when we come in town
5. Go see at movie at the theater

and you'll have to go over to Mississippi Women Bloggers to see the rest of my list.

I display our list on a chalkboard, on post it notes or on a sheet of computer paper.  It's fun for everyone to be able to read and reread the list over the break and it is exciting to cross things off your fun to do list.

Hope you enjoy the break for Christmas!!

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