Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Goals

November went by so quickly this year.  It was full of sickness, birthday festivities, traveling, Thanksgiving, cold weather and just seemed to be over in the blink of an eye.  We enjoyed thanksgiving with our families and are fully ready to embrace the holidays.  I got lots done last month and I'm most excited to say that my Christmas shopping is DONE!!!!  I have NEVER been done shopping before December even started and I'm thinking I am going to have to keep this tradition up for years to come.

Recap of my November Goals:
1. Put the finishing details on my family's Cousin Christmas gift exchange letters and mail them out this week.
2. Take down Halloween and decorate for Thanksgiving.  I do not decorate for Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving.  Let's just enjoy one holiday at a time please :)
3. Keep my DSLR handy and snap a few, great pictures every day.
4. Make an apple pie and do a blog post about pie crust tips
5. Have a lunch date with my neighbor one Saturday
6. Continue my Christmas shopping - I start shopping months in advance so that I don't have to spend all of December shopping.  I just bought my wrapping paper this past weekend so I'm hoping to start wrapping as I buy the gifts.
7. Buy plastic holiday plates for Olive to use
8. Plan a play date with a friend
9. Spend my birthday money :)
10. Volunteer to bring treats to one of my mom's groups at church
11. Renew my Sams membership
12. I'd love to get a fire pit for our backyard, eat s'mores and get more pine straw for our landscaping.

December 2014 Goals
1. Do a North Pole breakfast for Olive
2. Buy & decorate a real Christmas tree
3. Have some backyard bonfire date nights
4. Wrap all Christmas gifts by mid-month
5. Make a homemade gingerbread house
6. Make and deliver plates of sugar cookies to my neighbors
7. Drive around to look at Christmas lights
8. Watch Christmas movies on TV together
9. Make Christmas goodies for Kevin's co-workers
10. Go to a Christmas parade
11. Take Olive to see Santa
12. Make a few new ornaments for Olive's tree
13. Give my hubby candy for St. Nick's Day
14. Go to the live nativity at our church & the Christmas program
15. Make and send out Christmas cards to our family& friends
16. Update my Christmas card address list
17. Listen to Christmas music
18. Work on 10 guest blog posts for Mississippi Women Bloggers all month
19. Drink several mugs of hot chocolate
20. Have a lunch date with Kevin

Hoping to squeeze in a lot of fun and family time this month!
What are you up to this month??


  1. I love all of your goals! I'm actually doing a Christmas cookie link-up this month. Would love to have to join us!

  2. I set goals like this too. I write them down in my notebook though. Helps me be more productive.

  3. Whitney, I am stopping over from the Tiny Twig. What a nice balance of practical to-dos and Christmas adventures. May it be a productive and joyful time of year for you and your family. I am particularly interested in what a "North Pole Breakfast" is, it sounds lovely. Best, Liza ( http://intentionaladventures.wordpress.com/ )


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