Monday, December 29, 2014

Be Sweet

 When's the last time you did something sweet for someone you love?

It doesn't have to involve spending much money;
It really is the thought that counts.

Kevin and I have been trying to make an effort to surprise each other with sweet things lately and it's been SO much fun.  It can be simple - like making sure all the covers are straightened and tucked in before we lay down because he knows I like them that way or running an errand for your spouse to make their day a little easier.  I thought I'd share a few of our recent ideas with you...

I have been trying to pack his lunch a few days a week and surprise him with a fun treat.  I got him a new pack of gum and.
He surprised me with a fire pit and s'more ingredients.

I planned weekly menu items around his favorite foods.

 He asked us to go on a breakfast date before work one day.
It was fun because it was totally unexpected and definitely breaking out of our normal morning routines.

A few mornings a week, I wake up before him and make him eggs for breakfast.  He enjoys a hot breakfast and I enjoy cooking for him.  I'm not a morning person and don't love waking up early so he appreciates the extra efforts on my part.

I'm hoping to make a batch of cinnamon rolls, plan a movie + popcorn date night one day this week and get a lunch date on the calendar. 

Do you have any other suggestions of fun things 
to do to show someone you care about them??


  1. Those are so cute! I guess I did my good girlfriend duty this weekend by helping clean my boyfriend's house. We just ate pizza and had a lazy sweatpants date and it was perfect. Like you said it doesn't mean having to buy something; just doing little things.

  2. I just love doing this! I have been contemplating doing the 12 cards - one for each month with a preplanned date in it.

  3. How cute are you. These are all so sweet.

  4. I try to make sure there's always some kind of homemade treat or breakfast bread for Paul to munch on...and now that I think of it, most of my kind deeds are food related. I need to work on expanding my expressions of love and kindness! Thanks for the motivation!


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