Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday Talk: Favorite Vacation Spots

Summer is right around the corner so let's start talking about TRAVELING!!  I love to travel and have visited some pretty wonderful places.  I am excited to share some favorite spots with you today.  I've been to all of the places I'm recommending and I'll tell you a few of the highlights of each spot.  

// 1 //
We love to go on cruises!!
We would recommend going to the Bahamas, Key West (pictured above) & Cozumel.
I wrote all about our favorite cruise lines and perks of each one last year.

// 2 //
Naples, FL
The beaches are gorgeous, the restaurants are amazing and we can't wait to go back.  We like to go on the off season for them which is summer and enjoy less crowds/having the beach to ourselves.  There are so many beaches that we rotate where we go each day.
Destin, FL
We have been to Destin many times and it's wonderful!  It is so family friendly, the water is gorgeous and it's easy to get to.  Traffic does get a little bad during the busy season, but Donut Hole donuts make up for it.

// 3 //
Savannah, GA
A dreamy Southern city that's gorgeous in the Spring.  The city is so walkable and there are so many little shops/restaurants to pop into.  The buildings and history are amazing and I'd go back in a heart beat.

// 4 //
Gulf Shores, AL
We have been to Gulf Shores a few times and it's great!  It's quieter than some places like Destin, but it's just as nice.  The water isn't quite as pretty, but the low key crowds and delicious food make up for it.  It was a quick drive for us when we lived in the South and things seemed to be cheaper here than in Florida.

// 5 //
ANYTHING out west...
We lived in Salt Lake for 9 years so we spent a lot of time exploring.
Jackson Hole, Wyoming is our very favorite spot
Salt Lake City
Park City
South Dakota
Mt. Rushmore 
San Francisco
And ALL of the National Parks
Tetons (is our favorite), Death Valley, Zion, Grand Canyon, Bryce, Yellowstone

Have you been to any of my favorite spots??
Where are your favorite places to vacation??

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  1. You have been to so many wonderful places! When I wading college, my friend and I spent our spring break in Savannah- and you are so right- it is magical there!! One of our favorite beaches is Virginia Beach... We're headed there at the end of June!

  2. So many cool places to visit! My husband went to Destin for work a couple of years ago and has raved about it since! Hoping we make it back there someday soon!

  3. If you love Savannah, try out Charleston, SC! We went for a wedding this past spring and it was lovely, we really enjoyed it!

  4. So many gorgeous places you've been. I'm trying to get more of the travel bug now that I have grand kids and I want to spend the time with them traveling. You gave me some ideas here.

  5. We are going on a cruise to the Bahamas in December and we love Savannah! I had my bachelorette party there!

  6. You'll have to tell me more about Destin. We're thinking about checking it out - it seems to be where everyone in Houston likes to go!

    Before the kids were born, Jon and I had done a few Caribbean vacations, but after they came along we've just alternated between Disney and Hawaii. Now that we are in Texas versus the PNW, Hawaii is a little harder to get to. We need to explore more southern states! Thanks for the good recommendations!!

  7. Love all of these spots! Destin is our favorite and we go every year. This year its planned for August. But this post is making me want to go on vacation now!!

  8. I have never been on a cruise but would LOVE to go sometime. Your Gulf Shores addition made me smile. We are headed to Orange Beach, AL later this summer and I have heard nothing but rave reviews about it. I am SO excited to take those girls to the ocean.

  9. Hawaii is expensive and a long way from where we live but it is absolutely amazing! We've been to Maui and the Big Island to visit Chris' family. I really want to go back with the kids.

    -Lindsey M.

  10. I know what you mean about Florida--I especially love the more tucked-away areas where you can enjoy the beaches without the crowds :)

  11. I enjoyed looking back at some of your older posts from out west!! We would love to go out there eventually. I'm not a beach girl at all, so my favorite vacation spot is Disney. I mean really, can you beat that? :)

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  12. And now I want to go on vacation!! I need to get out west more.


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