Friday, May 6, 2016

The Best Parts

It was a nice week at our house.  Not too busy, not too boring.  We had friends over, planned some fun things to do, had some appointments and Kevin is wrapping up finals week.  We're all excited for the slower pace and more open schedule that summer will bring our way.

The best parts of our week were...

// 1 //
I'm excited for the Kentucky Derby this weekend and have big plans to make a Derby Pie and drink a yummy cocktail that Kevin comes up with.  Do you watch the Derby or have any fun Derby traditions??  I love watching it and seeing all of the big hats.  Maybe I'll wear a big hat and eat my treats from the comforts of my couch :)  Kevin says he's got some surprises in the works for the weekend so it should be a great Derby/Mother's Day weekend.

// 2 //
I shared before pictures of our house this week and am thrilled to report that the walls are now a gorgeous shade of gray that really updates the space, the floors are looking better with a new finish and our front door got an update.  I'm happy that I went with bold color for the door and it looks GREAT!  The boys in the family weren't so sure about my idea, but we all agree that the bold door looks nice on the house.  I love how it's coming together!!  The kids and I stop by to check on the progress, but can't take any credit for the work being done.  Thanks, Dad!!

// 3 // 
I'm not a spontaneous person so I was proud of myself for accepting a last minute invitation to play.  (Remember how my word of the year is INVITE... well sometimes that means going out of my comfort zone to say YES when I want to stay in my pjs :)  We rushed to get ready in the morning, loaded ourselves up and hurried to meet up with our friends.  I opted to wear Fletcher in the Ergo so he could sleep and then pushed Olive in her stroller.  We got to visit with friends we haven't seen in a few weeks and then park our strollers and play for a bit.  It was so nice to get some fresh air and both have time with our friends.

The sidewalk chalk was a big hit as always and then Olive discovered a new toy - the BALANCE BIKE.  Have you heard of these before??  They don't have pedals and the kids balance and glide on them.  If you have one - what brand do you recommend or where did you buy yours??  She's requesting a purple bike with a purple helmet so we are starting to research them.

// 4 //
We spent some time at the vet's office again this week and are crossing our fingers that our kitty is getting better.  He seems to be acting better after his overnight stay so we're hopeful.  It was like a petting zoo when we were there with cats, dogs and brand new kittens galore and the ladies in the office are always so sweet to the kids.  Olive was in heaven and I appreciated everyone being so good with her.  Sherman the 3 legged cat was very interested in Fletcher and Olive tried to convince me we needed a third cat.

// 5 //
Fletcher turned one month old!  He rolled over for the first time (and no one saw it... poor 2nd kiddo), has learned how to smile and is still the snuggliest baby around.  He's outgrowing his 0-3 month things and I just washed all of his 3 month clothes.  Can't believe how fast he's growing.  We sure do love this little man!

My Favorite Posts of the Week:

I hope you have a really great weekend and that you get to celebrate the special ladies in your lives for Mother's Day weekend.  We're sticking close to home and I'm hoping to find a way to get a long Mother's Day NAP :)


  1. What a fun week Whitney!! And I am proud of you for saying YES to play too! :) I am the exact same way and tend to do what's easiest- but it always feels so good to get out!! Happy Mothers Day- I hope it's a wonderful weekend!!

  2. He is one month already?! Goodness I know that April went by quickly but Fletcher being one month just confirms that. The gray looks AMAZING and I love the door color choice. Good job on being spontaneous too friend.

  3. Love the door!! It looks so good! I struggle being spontaneous too- good job girl! Those moments can be so good!

  4. Oh those eyes of Fletcher! I love the door and I think it turned out fantastic! I love seeing all the updates around the new house. I have never heard of the glider-I need to learn more.

  5. Happy Mother's Day! those floors and walls look great! Gotta go check out the befores and of my fave things! Have a great weekend.

  6. Love following along! Fletcher is rocking the old man baldness like Emma! Love seeing progress on the house. We're painting our front door and I can't decide on a color. Maybe I'll send you a picture and have you help. Derby pie sounds awesome. I can't wait until I eat food again. Until then, cocktails. Bourbon for me for the Derby! ;)

  7. I love your gray walls! Happy Mother's Day!

  8. Did you share the name of that gray paint? I love it!

  9. the walls! The floors! the door!! It all looks soooo good. Great, great choices.

    lol about the rolling and no one saw it.

  10. I love that you get excited for the Derby! We watched the coverage as always, and I decided that next year I'm going to get a hat to wear even if we just sit at home! :) The front door color is GORGEOUS! I am glad everyone agreed with you. :)

    I am with Olive - it's almost impossible to put down a new kitty once you've picked it up. That's why I never, ever go into pet stores or PetSmart. I can't handle it! Poor kitty, I hope he's better for good now. :(

    Bravo on your "invite" success! Happy Mother's Day and I hope you have a lovely, restful weekend!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  11. I just made your Derby pie today. SO. GOOD.
    glad I found your blog!

  12. Those babies grow up soooo fast! My youngest will be 2 in 2 weeks and I'm in serious denial about it! and I LOVE that gray wall color! It looks so fresh and clean! I'm excited to see more pictures! Hope you have a great weekend!

  13. The Derby! I went to the Derby two years in a row, a few years back. It was a good time! I hope you enjoyed the Derby!


  14. I love the front door color!!! I have never heard of the balance bikes before...sounds like a fun thing! Glad she knows what she wants!!!


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