Monday, May 2, 2016

May Goals - Hello again!!

(I picked you a berry boo-tiful yellow sunflower, Mama! -Olive)

Thanks for sticking with me and my blog over the last month.  The bloggy break was much needed and I'm excited to be back in action from now on.  I really appreciate all of my friends who guest blogged for me about boys this past month and those of you who kept visiting the blog to see what was going on.  I hope you learned something new, got some ideas for the boys in your lives and found some new blogs to read in the process.

Things are going pretty well at my house 
so here's a quick run down of three updates for each of us:

-It's finals week so there's tests to be written and lots of things to be graded.
-Whitney found out the secret to his unexplained sound sleeping the past few weeks... earplugs!  
I'll have to give that a try one night said no mom ever... :)
-Golf season is here in full force - watching, playing and making plans

-has asked for a nap for Mother's Day 2016
-made it out of the house several times last week for appointments, errands and TWO playdates
-survived mastitis and plugged milk ducts and happy to be here to tell you about it - man was that some painful stuff!  As if childbirth wasn't painful enough, throw in some more new mom pain when you're sleep deprived and needing to take care of everyone else.  Let's hope to avoid that ever happening again.  Things are going much better in this department so I'm hopeful I'm through the worst of it.

-sleeping like a champion, napping when she feels like it
-asks for a snack all day long so she must be growing
-totally understand that her birthday is coming up at the end of the month and is putting in requests for presents.  It's the first year she's had a good handle on the whole birthday thing so let's see if she's reacts as well to not receiving everything on her wish list - a shiny car, a kite, a purple bike with a helmet, a horse and a guitar. 

-after lots of appointments for several different issues that have all been resolved his calendar is appointment free for a month
-he loves a good swaddle
-he has nearly grown out of his 0-3 month things so I'm prepping the 3 month clothes and preparing my heart to pack away his baby clothes.  His nearly 12lb self will be thrilled with the roomier clothes.

-Surviving.  Topher is STARVED for attention and makes a complete fool of himself anytime someone stops by.  Oliver is still struggling so we're probably headed back to the vet today.  I think/hope/pray he'll eventually get to be on the mend and that he'll get back to normal.

Now back to reality...
there's still lots that needs to get done
so here are my MAY GOALS:

1. Order birth announcements for Fletcher

2. Select color & buy a gallon of paint for Olive's big girl bedroom.  
She's leaning towards purple.

3. Start to put together a moving game plan.  
Who, what, when, where, etc.  I'm feeling very low stress about this in town move.  We've done BIG moves the last 4 years so a down the road move seems almost easy.  But then again moving everything you own and all the people is always stressful so say a few prayers for me :)

4. SEE our friends.
Make plans, say yes to invitations and get out and about.  Even if it's hard, even if we're tired, even if it takes us an hour to get out of the house - do it - because we always enjoy ourselves.  Sometimes I let things hold me back - my house isn't clean enough, I haven't showered today, we're all still in our pjs, etc to put off invitations so I'm going to work hard on my word of the year and INVITE people to do things as well as accept invitations.

5. Blog 4-5 days a week

6. Get Oliver healthy and snuggle Topher.

7. Plan Olive's THIRD birthday party.  
It's hard to believe she's almost three so I'm embracing that fact and listening to all of her opinions and thoughts about her party.  I hope I can come up with something she'll love... haha.  Think purple (notice a theme with purple) and princess.

8. Order bar stools for our kitchen island.  
I've been eyeing some at Target, but am curious if there's a better bar stool buying spot??

9. Look for a new area rug for our family room & order it.

10. Try one new church.

11. Assemble and use our double stroller.

12. Finalize the rest of the house projects that must be done before we move in.

13. Keep working on potty training with Olive.

14. Take care of myself - appointments, showers, sleep, etc.

How have you been??
What are some of your goals for May??


  1. Wait??!! You are moving again? Is this to the house you shared before? I feel like you had a place already but can't really remember.

  2. A nap for mother's day sounds like a fantastic present! I'd wish for one of those too! haha

  3. I will be praying that May is less eventful for you, my friend! My sister is doing an in-town move (less than 3 miles up the road) and it's always stressful, no matter how far you have to go. Glad to hear Fletcher is doing well! I hate to hear that about Oliver, bless his little furry heart. I wish I lived closer - I'd come over and have a play date with Topher. Haha! :) Glad to have you back in blog land!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  4. Busy, busy, busy! I love the top part of your post, especially the cats :). SO much to do friend. I have no doubt that you can do it though. You seem to have adjusted to life with two so seamlessly. Emily's room is purple too and 4 years later I still LOVE the color. Happy Monday friend!

  5. Oh the busy-ness of small children! Yes, get that double stroller together and outside and moving! Fresh air is the best for a tired mama! (As is a nap, Happy Mother's Day!)

  6. A nap for Mother's Day! I love it! I totally remember my Mother's Day from last year with a wee little one. I love your updates on everyone. I feel like this year was the year Wes really got into his birthday, too!

  7. Yay! Whitney's back! Can you tell I am excited to have you back? I love your list of goals and I plan on getting mine written out by the end of the day. I love writing goals! Y'all are going to have such big stuff in May and I can't wait to see it all.

  8. So glad you're back!

    Just reading your goals makes me sleepy. Go easy on yourself, mama! :) And oooof so sorry you had to deal with mastitis and plugged ducts. You're such a trooper!

  9. Your May goals sound a lot like my April! Having just knocked out birth announcements and a 2nd birthday party, it's time for me to reassess some things I need to accomplish too. Thanks for the reminder, you motivated lady you!

  10. Love these posts, as usual! I'm so sorry you had plugged ducts---the absolute worst! You never complain! Don't work *too* hard, you've got some very good reasons to keep laying low. ☺️

  11. These are great goals. Your comment about the ear plugs made me laugh out loud. We've gotten Emma to only waking up every three hours, so newborn status. The sleep deprivation is getting to me. Sorry about mastitis that sucks. It's the worst being sick postpartum. Glad Fletcher is doing well and still praying for your cat. I went to a play date without shoes, so don't let jammies stop you. Actually, let's just have our own play dates where you get kicked out for looking like you have your life together.


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