Friday, May 20, 2016

The Highlights

I hope you've had a wonderful week!  It's been a good one at my house.  We're busy with birthday prep, travel plans and a million other random things that needed to get done this week.  I've been feeling sinusy which is always annoying when the weather starts to warm up and my ears just started feeling better yesterday.  Surely my medicine will kick in and kick this yucky stuff to the curb.  We're all getting slightly more sleep so that makes for more smiles than frowns.  Fletcher has slept for several 6 hour stretches at night and I wake up in a panic because no one had woken me up in a few hours.  Hooray!

The best parts of our week:

// 1 //
A Royal 3rd Birthday Party
Olive turns three on the 29th and we are having her cousin/family parties this weekend.  She's obsessed with all things purple and Princess Sofia these days so her princess party came together easily.  I always make her invitations and send them out.  Each year I claim that invitation is my very favorite.  She was more than excited to put on her "bootiful princess gown" and take some pictures.  I am excited to celebrate her and can't believe my baby is THREE.  It's the first time she's been excited about her birthday and talking it up for weeks.

// 2 //
I've been trying hard to buy yummy salad ingredients, try new lite dressings and keep the fridge stocked with salad goodies lately.  I love eating salads, but it takes a lot of work to keep salad ingredients fresh and ready to eat.  Lettuce seems to be my trickiest thing - how do I keep lettuce fresh for more than a few days???  Do you have any lettuce secrets to share with me?  These are a few of my favorite salads lately - Super veggie mixed green salad, Chicken Summer Salad works as a light dinner since it has chicken and the other salad was packed full of veggies and worked as a great side.  What are you favorite salad toppings?  I am always on the hunt for a new go to salad.

// 3 //
Wild and Free
I got this book in the mail to read and review.  I'm hearing about it all over social media so I'm excited to get started.  I'll be sure to check back in to let you know what I think.  Have you read it yet?  I'd love to hear from anyone that's reading it and am a little jealous of all these Wild and Free book clubs I'm hearing about.

 // 4 //
Bath time is growing on Fletcher as he gets older.  Isn't he the cutest little 7 week old dragon??
Big sister loves so hard.  No such thing as personal space for little brother.  A very loving big sister is always in his face giving him kisses, muggas (thanks to Daniel Tiger) and talking baby talk to him.  She calls him a little cutie and it's pretty sweet to watch them together.

 // 5 //
We have a wonderful park nearby our house and it's so much fun.  We meet friends there during the day and we got as a family in the evneings.They've got a great playground, tons of room to walk and explore.  We love strolling through and are lucky to have a nice park so close by our house.  They have some new equipment and this double swing is one of the best inventions.  Kevin and Olive had so much fun!  I was wearing Fletcher in the Ergo and Kevin was swinging too high for my taste with Olive.  I reminded him if she's lifting up out of her seat he's probably going too high.  I wonder where she gets her daredevil nature from??

// BONUS #6 //
After about two months of dealing with a SICK cat, I'm THRILLED to report that Oliver is finally feeling back to normal.  He's sleeping in the sunshine, snuggling with his kitty brother, jumping, purring and feeling so good.  Thank heavens!  It's hard on everyone when your fur babies are sick.

Favorite posts of the week:

I hope you have a really great weekend!!
Do you have any fun plans in the works??


  1. Marshall has been sleeping for 6 hour stretches at night too and it's so awesome!! I totally know what you mean about waking up in a panic though!! Ha! And your salads look so delicious! I eat 1-2 salads a day - they are my favorite! Hope you have a wonderful weekend friend!!

  2. Girl, if you figure out how to keep lettuce fresh longer than 4-5 days please tell me! I have tried EVERYTHING! I want to buy one of those pricey lettuce keepers, but can't quite being myself to do it :-)

    Your May baby's birthday plans are coming along so nicely! Can't wait to hear more. My May baby elected for a birthday weekend family getaway this year (we do big parties every other year), so we are currently planning that.

    Glad you are starting to feel better, too. TGIF! :)

  3. "Muggas"!! I love that.

    Abigail had a full blown purple party for her 3rd birthday too! Do you remember that?? I still think that might be my favorite birthday party so far!

  4. Aww i bet her princess party will be so fun!

  5. I can't wait to hear all about her princess party!
    Coolest swing ever...I sure wish our playground had one!

  6. Coming here is like my happy place. You are always so upbeat and you can tell you love being a mommy. I like how you crowned Olive's name. Creative touch. Okay, I have the lettuce secret. Seriously. When you bring it home from the store and highly recommend you don't buy the pre-packaged lettuce. You don't know how long it has been sitting in there. Wash it well and SPIN it dry in a salad spinner. I highly recommend getting one if you don't. Then put the leaves inside an airtight Tupperware/Rubbermaid container with a folded up paper towel to absorb the moisture. It is ready to go when you need it and my lettuce keeps for a week or more. I buy it local as much as I can when it is in season and it will last even longer. I've been doing this for years and never no waste. We eat it before it ever goes bad. Let me know what you think. Keep the happy coming!

  7. Olive's party is going to be so cute!! I can't wait to see! I love your salads, too! I need to do that more this summer. And I just added that Wild and Free book to my Amazon wish list. Sounds awesome! Have a great weekend!


  8. Aww I love how excited Olive is for her birthday! And she is so sweet with Fletcher!

  9. Those invitations are awesome!! What a cute idea to have Olive dress up like Princess Sofia for the picture. I love making invitations for parties, I totally know the thrill! :)

    I get tired of eating lettuce, but I do love sometimes I just put tomatoes, broccoli, carrots and thawed frozen peas in a bowl and add a little dressing. Tomatoes are my favorite so I even just eat those with a little olive oil and salt and call it a salad. Yours always look so yummy and packed with good stuff! :)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

    Whitney Come Home For Comfort

  10. Love how Olive's party is coming together! Princess parties are my jam! I'm hoping Elizabeth will want the same thing in October :) And I agree - why are lettuce greens so hard to keep from going bad? No idea... I sometimes stick a dry paper towel in the container and that helps a little. And that park? So fun to have that close to your house! Having a park close by is such a game changer. Hope you continue to have those 6 hour stretches!!! Have a great weekend!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  11. So glad Oliver is feeling better!!! I agree, keeping salad fixings fresh is really hard, I have not found the magic trick yet. I need to get back into eating salads.. I've fallen off the wagon and have been eating a lot of carbs.

  12. Yay for Oliver feeling better! I think those invites are just the cutest. And how is Fletcher already 7 weeks old???

  13. Oh my goodness that swing at the park is SO much fun. I have never seen anything like that before. I am a bit behind on my blog reading so I can't wait to see how the party went. I bet it was fantastic! Love those Cute kid moments too. I vote that you add those every week :).

  14. SO glad Oliver is better!! I can't wait to see more on Olive's birthday party! SUCH a great target haul - Olivia has those ice cream leggings!

  15. Love the party theme! And I'm glad Oliver is back to feeling like his old self.


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