Thursday, May 19, 2016


It's been a while since I wrote out some silly confessions for you.  I keep a running list on my phone and add to it when sometimes silly/embarrassing or funny happens.  Enjoy a few laughs...

1. We were walking into the hospital last week for an appointment.  Fletcher was in his stroller and I was holding Olive's hand.  A man walked in ahead of us and he was wearing a dark suit, tie and had blonde hair.  Olive shouted, "MAMA DATS DONALD TRUMP!"  I started laughing and said that wasn't Mr. Trump, but she could not be deterred.  As we got closer, she kept saying, "DAT REALLY IS DONALD TRUMP!"  The man just smiled at her and she keeps talking about the day we saw Donald at the hospital.  I guess she's paying closer attention to the presidential race than I realized.

2.  I confess that I've hit the full blown awkward phase of my wardrobe.  I need to rotate my clothes out for spring/summer, but none of those clothes fit well.  My maternity clothes are too big and baggy and my regular clothes are uncomfortable.  What's a girl to do??  Head to Old Navy and buy things that fit her right now.  I feel good in them and am excited to get dressed.  I'd call that a win.

3. Kevin told me the other day that I was doing much better with a boy than he expected I might.  I clearly wasn't thrilled with that comment so he tried to fix what he said by saying I dote on Fletcher, am so sweet with him and am a really great boy mom.  I guess he was expecting something different??  He insists he meant this all as a compliment so I think we need to revisit the definition of a compliment.  I continue to tease him about this one.

4. We've had a constant flow of family and friends to our house since Fletcher was born.  Many have come with gifts for Olive as well as something for Fletcher.  I am really appreciative of how generous everyone has been, but Olive has been conditioned to think that guests = presents.  She has started asking guests, "Do you have any presents?" when they walk in the door.  So that's nice and awkward and hard to explain that not everyone is coming over with gifts from now on.  Toddler logic is a funny thing.

5. Olive loved Sheriff Callie for months so I started collecting things for a Sheriff Callie party for her.  She's recently decided Sheriff Callie is out and Princess Sophia is in.  She likes to dress up as Sheriff Callie and lasso horses, but Princess Sophia is her favorite.  Almost three years old is such a cute stage of life (most of the time) where her imagination is running wild.  I just love listening to her play and the story lines that she makes up.  So I've been returning the cute things I found and hurrying to snatch up all the cute purple/princess things I can find.  It's working out well, but she definitely threw her planer mama a curve ball.

6. I was rushing to get out the door the other day and hurrying Olive along.  She was taking her sweet time and running from me when I tried to get her to put on her boots.  I got serious and told her I wasn't joking around.  She paused and said, "Why you so mad Mama?"  I burst out laughing and eased up a bit.  We got out the door and she was a good reminder that I needed to take a chill pill.

7. Our vet was making conversation with me at one of our recent kitty appointments.  She was due to have a boy any day and was asking me about Fletcher.  He was swaddled in his Fletcher blanket so she asked me if his name was Fletcher... I wasn't sure what to say other than ummmm yes.  Wouldn't that be funny to have your kiddo wrapped up in a name blanket that wasn't their name??

8. Olive was eating strawberries and watching cartoons.  She wasn't paying much attention to her berries as she ate.  She ended up eating the entire berry - stem and all.  I hear her spatting out her food saying "Dat tastes like DIRT!"  Dat is not my favorite part!"  Then she got back to eating the berry part of her berries.

9. Olive's beloved last paci broke last week.  She knew it was her last one and took it surprisingly well.  She has been a paci loving girl since she was about six weeks old.  She put it in her drawer and keeps checking on it as if it would magically fix itself.  She knows that my dad fixes things and is really handy so she keeps telling me that we can just ask Papaw to fix it for her or that I can just buy her some new ones for her birthday.  That won't be happening, but I did feel a little sentimental about an end of an era ending.  

10. I confess that my current favorite shows are The Voice, Southern Charm, Chrisley Knows Best, The Profit and Trisha's Southern Charm cooking show.  I get excited to see any of them pop up on my DVR especially when a certain little man insists on being wide awake from 12-2:30am most nights.  Good time to catch up on my shows while I try to convince him sleeping is a good thing.

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Please tell me something funny that's happened to you recently :)


  1. Totally hysterical about Olive thinking she saw Donald Trump!! And so with you on the awkward clothing stage... So so weird- thank goodness for yoga pants and flowy shirts!!!

  2. Funny, I was just texting Kate yesterday to admit that almost 8 months after having a baby, I went out in a maternity top because all my warm weather clothes either fit me weirdly or aren't nursing friendly. I feel like I'm walking around in someone else's body....the aftermath of pregnancy on the body *SIGH*

  3. I bet living with Olive is a hoot. She says the funniest things. This morning as I was leaving Jack at daycare he threw me the peace sign. Where do kids pick up on these things. He had the ladies laughing. Jack went from Thomas to Chugginton overnight. The other day he was watching Chugginton and one of the trains were being teased. Jack busted out in tears. He hates someone getting teased which is funny because he is such a tough one. We couldn't watch Rudolph over Christmas because he would cry when Rudolph got teased by the other deer. It is just so cute/funny to me how upset he gets over teasing when he gets in trouble at daycare for pushing his friends.

  4. The Donald Trump one made me lol, so funny that she is paying attention. I don't think either of my girls would have a clue...ooopps! I also love that she seems to think her papaw can fix just about anything. So sweet. The name blanket made me laugh too. "Nah, I just picked it up at a yard sale?!" Hehe!

  5. Our boys have totally done that with people too.. expecting gifts. And Donald Trump! Oh Olive! Love this post!

  6. bahahhaa Donald Trump- that's hilarious. Smart and observant girl.

  7. Oh toddler logic! My friends decided that their twins had way too many toys and put on the birthday invitation that instead of gifts, we should give a donation to a local children's hospital. When I arrived at the birthday party though, one of the kids ran up and asked, "What did you get me for my birthday?" Ummmm...
    Your kiddos, by the way, are the cutest things ever!

  8. I can't stop laughing at the Donald Trump story. Too funny. I dread the day we have to wean the girls off their pacis, but Olive has taken it pretty well, so that gives me hope. Thanks for linking up!

  9. I love the little stories of your girl. You have to love how great they are at keeping us on our toes and pointing out when we need to chill.

  10. HAHA the Fletcher blanket! That cracks me up! And Sophia comes and goes for us, but right now she's a hit again thanks to Elizabeth's new pack of Sophia undies. But Dollar Tree usually has a ton of Sophia things! And I'm pretty sure I saw stuff in the Dollar Spot at Target as well. Aren't the stories these toddlers spin hilarious? I can't understand half of it, but the half I do catch are always funny and cute :) Good confessions! I love the random stories in these posts.

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  11. LOL these are GOOD! I keep a running note on my phone for these too- I had hoped to get one up this week but time got away from me. Maybe next week :p

  12. The Donald Trump story is the best!!!!!

    -Lindsey M.

  13. Funny, funny, funny...Donald Trump story..Gave me a good laugh!

  14. Kids really do say the craziest things (ok, and husbands too)😂😂😂 And yay for new ON clothes. I did the same thing for that in-between stage.

  15. I love that Olive knows who donald trump is - good job for being informed Olive! I also did the ON run about the same point. JUST now able to get most of my shorts on, but Target also has these elastic waist, almost like PJ shorts - I had to live in those and a one size up T shirt for awhile. All my maternity clothes were winter, and all my summer was pre-preg. But a few staple pieces from ON and some patience with yourself! "Dat tastes like dirt!" I am laughing so hard!


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