Thursday, May 12, 2016

3 Year Old Birthday Wish List

I can't believe Olive is turning three at the end of the month.  Olive's 3rd birthday is just a few weeks away and she's got a long list of things she's interested in this year.  It is her first year to request gifts so I compiled a list of her favorite things along with some things I think she'd love.  We're having birthday parties with family and then a low key birthday with just our family.  She's asked us for a horse, shiny car, kite, toys, princess things, etc.  We are getting her a guitar, Sophia the First puzzle, night gown and a play-doh cookie making set.

3 Year Old Birthday Wish List
I know she'd love any of the following:
play make up or purse
Princess Sophia things
princess dress up things
outdoor toys for our backyard
bubble blower
art supplies
Melissa & Doug pretend food
gardening things
water toys for the beach
bath toys
and she's wearing a size 4T & purple is her favorite color. 

 Did I forget anything 
or is there anything your three year old LOVES??


  1. Olive and my daughter Celine have very similar taste :) Celine turns 4 tomorrow and she asked for a unicorn and "beautiful things." We asked her nana to get her a Sofia the first dress- and I think she's going to flip out when she opens it :) this is such a fun age!

  2. Looking at this list makes me really see the differences between girls and boys. Jack does love the play-doh. One thing that he doesn't show interest in is puzzles but is just now getting into playing match. We have been doing it a lot on his ipad so I'm thinking of buying him an actual match game.

  3. What a fun list. Wes loves that fish puzzle. We have a Mickey one, too. Bubble blowers are a blast, but we've had terrible luck finding one that works consistently.

  4. We gave L that bubble machine for Easter and she LOVES! (she got another as a bday gift from a friend, haven't tried it out yet!) I think Melissa and Doug food looks like so much fun, like the sandwich making kits!

  5. Love that little garden set and the bubble blower would be such a great addition. I bet Fletcher will really like that in a few more months too!

  6. Purple favorite color for the win! Abigail's fave color for five years running :p We love the M&D stuff. Especially their vinyl stickers and play food!!

  7. This is a great list. Olivia loves her hippity hop and I love those no spill fubbles.

  8. My niece turns 3 in July and I'm starting to think about what to send her...tell Olive thanks for the suggestions! Ella loves Princess Sofia too. :) I love those Melissa and Doug items...they look like so much fun to play with! :)

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort


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