Monday, May 16, 2016

$11 May Target Haul

So I went over budget on my Target Haul this month.  #shocker  Is it even possible to shop at Target on a budget?!?!  Maybe if I make a list and sent my hubby there to buy the things for me??  I end up wandering around and always fin plenty of must have items to add to my cart.  I just could not come up with an even $10 total so I'd say $11 is close enough :) 

I started with the Dollar Spot and worked my way around the store.

Sophia bag = $1
Sophia headband = $1
magic wands = $3
leggings = $6 (clearance + cartwheel deal)
= $11 total

Olive lives in Target leggings so it was fun to pick up these summery prints.

Olive is Princess Sophia obsessed right now so it's been fun to plan a Sophia themed 3rd birthday party for her.  I love these magic wands and anything with a character on it for $1 is a big win in my book.  I'm planning to put some birthday presents in her bag for her and let her wear the Sophia headband.

My shopping buddy fell asleep pretty quickly and so it was a very quiet trip through Target.

The fresh flowers were beautiful!  I was tempted to spend my $10 on them, but I had to pass.  They would be perfect for Olive's princess birthday party, but it's a little too early to pick up fresh flowers for that event.

 Have you found any great deals at Target lately??

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  1. You found lots of things for Princess Olive. Isn't it so fun when they start liking their own things. Those leggings prints are too cute. They need to make those for adults too.

  2. Love those leggings! You can never have too many of them. And those prints are so fun!!

  3. What a great haul, even for $11! Those leggings are so cute!

  4. I love finding character stuff in the dollar spot! We aren't going back to Disney until at least 2017, but I'm already keeping my eyes peeled for things I can tuck away for that trip. I love how much Disney merchandise they carry! Also, your striped diaper bag/tote is so cute!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  5. Cute haul. I didn't know Target had flowers, but beautiful.
    Rachel xo

  6. #confession- sometimes I wish they made cute leggings like that for women :) I mean who doesn't want ice cream cone leggings?!

  7. I can never decide if it's a blessing or a curse we don't live near a Target.. our closest one is about 25 mins away so we just don't get there very often. I love the leggings you got!!!

  8. this is so fun. those leggings are adorable! we live far from everything, Target included, so I cannot do $10 trips hah I make great use of though haha

  9. Eeek!! So much cute stuff!! I love the leggings!

  10. Oh man! I wish my Target had fresh flowers like that!!

    You got some good stuff there lady :) :) Also, the cutest shopping buddy!

  11. Those leggings are SO CUTE! I mean, who wouldn't want ice cream leggings? Seriously. Man it's a good thing I have a boy or all the cute leggings would be in my basket!

  12. Unfortunately the closest Target to where I live is 1.5 hours away. Which is actually probably a good thing because I'd shop there all the time otherwise. Those leggings are cute.

  13. LOVE those leggings so much. Great finds!

  14. Is yours a Super Target?! Is that what they are called? We don't have any fresh flowers at ours. Great finds! I plan to take Marissa shopping for her birthday on my next trip. I can't wait to see what she picks out!

  15. Can I just say that I love how you shopped? I used to keep Connor in his seat/stroller and would just pile stuff into a reusable bag hanging from the arm, too. It was perfect for both of us and kept me from overspending.

  16. Olivia would love all of these. And as I mentioned before, we have the ice cream cone leggings. I don't know if I find deals at Target, but I sure find more than $11 worth of stuff that I NEED. :)


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