Friday, May 27, 2016

She's THREE!!!

She's THREE!!!

This weekend our sweet Olive Kate turns three.  

I can hardly believe it because I remember her being born just like it was yesterday.  She has been the greatest addition to our family and she bring us so much joy.  Olive has celebrated every single birthday in a new state and been the best little adventurer.  She's made friends wherever we've lived and is a ray of sunshine.  She's silly, smart and sassy.

Mama LOVES...
your smile
baking with you
doing art projects with you
having conversations & laughing with you
running errands with you
rocking you to sleep and cuddling your face
learning new things
spending my days with you
making new friends together
exploring new cities

Daddy LOVES...
your sweet smile
how curious you are
reading with you
playing on the playground with you
being silly with you
going outside with you
taking out the trash with me
singing songs with you
snuggling you
cheering for Notre Dame with you

Fletcher LOVES...
your hugs
your funny faces
how you take care of him
having you for a big sister

// THREE //
in Indiana

// TWO //
in Mississippi

// ONE //
in Arkansas

in Utah

We are looking forward to celebrating her birthday on Sunday 
and working hard to make her feel special.


  1. Happy Birthday Olive!! She is seriously SO cute!! Hope you all have the best day celebrating her!!

  2. Happy birthday to sweet Olive!! What a sunshine you are!

  3. Oh that is so cool that she has celebrated each year in a different state! Very sweet post that she will enjoy reading as she gets older. Happy Birthday Olive!!!

  4. Sending the happiest birthday wishes to Miss Olive!!!

  5. Oh my, sweet Olive! Happy Birthday!!!

  6. This is so sweet! Happy birthday olive! Love the throw back pictures.

  7. Happy Birthday Olive! I hope you had a very special day!

  8. First, I didn't realize her eyes were such a deep brown. Love a dark eyed little! Secondly, I can't imagine being just 3 and having lived in 4 states. Such big changes for someone so little but she seems to do so well!

  9. Happy, happy birthday, Olive!


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