Saturday, December 7, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree 2013

 We love REAL Christmas trees at our house.  My husband convinced me several years ago that this was the only way to properly do Christmas :)  Sure they are messier and you have to get a new one every year but they smell amazing and it's SO MUCH fun to pick out a tree with your family each year.  We have funny stories from each trip to get a tree.  

Here are our past trees:

We were excited to take our baby to pick out her first tree.  The weather was nice last weekend so we decided it was the perfect time to tree shop.  We found a cute tree lot near our house and headed there one evening.  We parked the car and headed out to check out the trees.

Olive was like a little bobble head doll - she was fascinated by the lights, sound (minus the chain saw :( ) and wanted to reach out to feel the trees.  We looked around the lot, narrowed it down to two different trees and had the salesman pull out our favorite.  He spun it around, we haggled a bit and then he got the tree ready for us.  I asked him to save us some branches and he let me take as many as I wanted.  I'm hoping to put together a wreath or some type of arrangement but we'll see if that happens.

 Olive wanted to look everywhere but AT the camera.  She definitely enjoyed herself.

This was Olive and I at the tree lot last year.
I was a little over 3 months pregnant.

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