Monday, December 9, 2013

My Way of Christmas Shopping

I'm a list maker.
I would make lists of lists if I could so when Christmas rolls around each year I'm armed with lots of lists.

Here's how I do my Christmas Shopping Lists:
I write out the names of every person we have to buy a gift for
Write the amount I'd like to spend
I pencil in some ideas throughout the year or whenever they come to me
I go shopping and then write the gift I buy in ink
I highlight their name and gift in yellow once I'm done shopping for them.

Suzy - $20 - earrings, cookbook, scarf or maybe a Christmas ornament
cookbook and recipe cards

I do this for my side of the family, Kevin's side and our friends.  The list is written in the back of my yearly planner so that I can refer back to it or look back on years past so I don't duplicate any gifts.  I do it a little differently for Kevin and Olive since I buy them multiple gifts.  I give them a whole page in my planner and keep a running list of ideas for each of them.  Then when an item is purchased, I cross it off the list.  I love having the lists in my planner so that I can look back for ideas or to know what we did the year before.  I always think I'd remember but I don't.

I also have a birthday chart in my planner too where I list out birthdays and the people I buy for each year.  I can look back to see what I gave them for their birthday to make sure that I do something different for Christmas.

How do you organize your Christmas shopping each year??
Do tell; I'd love any new suggestions :)

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