Friday, December 6, 2013

Highlights of the Week

How is it already December??  I wrote November on about 6 different things that required a date this week.  I think I'm in denial that 2013 is wrapping up and I really need to jump on board this Christmas party train before I get left behind. The best parts of my week were:

1. On December 1st we broke out the Christmas
jammies, hair bows and books to be enjoyed all month long.
Baby's 1st Christmas makes for an exciting holiday season.

2. Happy St. Nick's Day!!  Some years I completely space St. Nick's Day but not this year!  My husband always celebrated this holiday (focusing on sharing small gifts/candies to honor stories of generosity & goodness that St. Nick represented) as a child so I'm happy to be carrying on the tradition.  Do you celebrate this holiday?  If so, what did you do this year?

3. I made Kevin's grandma's chili... one of us likes toppings the other does not.
Guess which bowl was mine...

4. We got our Christmas tree this week!!
We put lights on it right away but still need to decorate it.
Olive likes the lights and the cats keep trying to drink the tree water.
Seems like Christmas tree water would be n-a-s-t-y but they are dying for it.

5.My Christmas shopping is about 90% done.  My little shopping buddy has been a trooper and it seems like rides it target carts sure do wear her out.

I feel like I also need to include a WORST MOMENT of my MOM LIFE
in my weekly wrap up:
My baby and I were getting ready together on Wednesday morning.  She was laying in the MIDDLE of my bed and I was right next to the bed doing my make up and getting dressed.  Olive was playing with a few bracelets and babbling which is something we've done many times.  We were talking back and forth and people the next thing I knew I heard this GIANT THUD and she started screaming.  She had launched herself OFF MY BED and I was right there.  I was H-O-R-R-I-F-I-E-D.  I hurried and scooped her crying self up.  She was crying big crocodile tears and looked at my with eyes that seemed to say, "Why did you let that happen to me Mom?!?!?"
I tried to console her and took her to her room to be rocked.  I started crying while comforting her and apologizing for being a terrible mother.  I also got out a frozen rice pack and put it on the back of her head.  I tried to call my husband who didn't answer, called my sis to confess my horrible parenting skills and she assured me that life would go on and I wasn't a terrible parent and then confessed my accident on Instagram.   Olive didn't have any marks on her head/body and was smiling/being lovey in no time.  I'm sure she won't remember this traumatic event but I feel like I might be scarred for life.
Lesson learned: My baby is mobile. Watch out Mama!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!
Looks like we are in for an ICY ICY weekend in Arkansas.
Be safe and stay warm friends.


  1. New follower coming over from the link up!! You are adorable! I love your honesty and I think that has happen to every mom out there :) Cant wait to read more about you and your cute family!!


  2. bless your heart! you're not a bad mom. that stuff apparently happens more often than we would like to thin probably. i don't have kids, but i can just imagine how bad that scared you! i'm glad she's okay!

    ps. stay warm. all ice here in central ar!

  3. I am so far behind on this Christmas thing. I am in absolute denial that it is only a few weeks away. It is my daughters first Christmas and I need to get her a little ornament or something! Love the onesie you got your little one! Also, I had never heard about St. Nick's day? I love that.

    Found you on the link up!

    Jill @

  4. I can't believe it's already December either!! The Christmas pjs you got are so cute! I got some fabric last week to try and make my own for the boys! We will see how that works out!! Haha thanks for linking up! :)

  5. Clay did that when he was younger and I freaked out but didn't admit it to anyone. Then heard a mom talking about it happening to her a couple of weeks later so I didn't feel quite as bad. It's still a horrible feeling though!

  6. Olive is so cute with those Christmas trees! Great pics!

  7. Stopping by from the H54F link up! I have two cats that would be all over the tree water if ours was real! =)

  8. Great post! That chilli looks delish :)
    Visiting from Friday’s Fab Favorites link up!

    xo, tasha
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