Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas at Our House

Merry Christmas!!
This is our first Christmas as a family of three so we are working on defining our special family traditions.  We try to squeeze in as many special things as we can and have really enjoyed the past few weeks.  Here are the ways that we make the holidays feel extra special at our house:

Kevin's favorite traditions are:
Getting a real tree together
"Spending time with my girls"
Hot chocolate walks to look at Christmas lights
Listening to Christmas music
Watching Christmas Movies
Planning our trip home to Indiana to be with family for Christmas

Olive has enjoyed:
Decorating a mini tree for her nursery
Helping mom wrap presents (chews bows while I wrap)
Listening to Christmas music
Christmas shopping for others
Wearing Christmas jammies all month
Having Christmas books read to her
Meeting Santa

My favorite traditions are:
Decorating our tree together
Making & sending out our Christmas cards
Displaying the Christmas cards we get from family & friends
Making a real pine wreath
Baking and making holiday goodies
Making a gingerbread house together
Taking Olive to see Santa
Making ornaments - framing a favorite picture from the year that captures a big highlight to add to our tree.  This is ours for 2013 - Olive joined our family in May!!


  1. Looks like your little one is having fun! She is precious. We have been trying to squeeze in lots this year too. I'm seeing Christmas through a toddler's eyes this year - so fun! Visiting from Kelly's Korner. Have a blessed Christmas!

  2. love Christmas traditions! I bet it's so special now that you have a little one!


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