Sunday, December 1, 2013

EASY Chocolate Chip Cookies

Long before Pinterest was ever created, my mom cut out recipes from magazines, the newspaper and off of food boxes.  She had drawers that were overflowing with recipes to try and tons of magazines to go through.  I spent many hours organizing all of her clipped recipes and now they are housed in binders by food type.  Today that it seems like everyone is pinning things on Pinterest and I hardly ever pay attention to the few recipes that I see on cake boxes, cream cheese containers, in magazines, etc.  However, a recent recipe for chocolate chip cookies on my Blue Bonnet margarine box caught my eye.  It called for melted butter, it looked SO easy and it didn't make tons of cookies.  I cut it out and decided I'd give them a try.

 I followed the recipe exactly except for the fact that I only made half a batch.
It turned out perfectly!  I baked two cookie sheets full of cookies and was done.  The perfect amount for a small family and soooooo easy to throw together.  My husband loved them too so I'm anxious to make them again real soon.

 These cookies were even better the 2nd day than the first.  
Give them a try and let me know what you think.

 Side note: It turns out that an empty chocolate chip bag makes for a perfect supervised baby entertainment while I'm cooking.  Olive loved crinkling it while I baked and wasn't thrilled when I told her it was time to throw it away.  Maybe she should ask Santa for another one instead of toys this year?!?!
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