Wednesday, December 4, 2013


This week has been busy.  Not really the leaving the house and going out kind of busy but busy nonetheless.  I have been decorating, working on Christmas cards, making lists and taking care of a teething/flu shot getting 6 month old.  It's also been cold in the mornings and warm in the afternoons so scarves and layers have been a wardrobe necessity.
Here are two of my favorite looks of the week:

 1. Christmas Tree Shopping
cardigan - GAP
skinnies - JCP
scarf - gift
turquoise earrings - Polka-Dotty Place etsy shop
 *Olive aspires to be a Target baby model 
and is wearing a cardigan, leggings and headband from Target.

 2. Appointments and Errands
scarf - GAP
striped t - Limited (NEW)
skinnies - JCP
earrings - Charlotte Russe
flats - Lucky
 *My cat wanted to join in on the picture taking fun and photo bomb me.  He thinks my table is his bed.  I've tried to keep him off it but it's basically an impossible task.

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  1. I love your cute scarves! Especially the 2nd one with the stripes... cute cute! And don't we all aspire to be Target models? haha ;)


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