Friday, December 27, 2013

Mom Myth: Hair Loss

I'd been warned that I was going to lose a lot of hair after I had a baby.  I tried to prepare myself.  My hair was thicker and longer than it had been in a long time when I had Olive in May.  You really don't lose much hair during pregnancy so I'd gotten used to my thicker hair.  I think I expected it to literally start falling out right after I had the baby but it did not.  A month went by and then another and I still had a full head of hair.  Prenatal vitamins did their job and my hair was looking pretty good.  I was beginning to think that the whole Mommy Hair Loss with a complete MYTH when month 3 and 4 went by and I was just having normal hair loss.

Then I woke up one morning and started noticing hair everywhere!  Olive was 5 months old and my hair was on her, my husband, all over the floor, etc.  How could this be??  My baby was five months old and surely this whole hair loss wouldn't start now??  Yep folks, months 5 and 6 postpartum were the worst.  I'd brush my hair and lots would fall out.  I'd rolly brush my clothes and my car because I seemed to be shedding non stop.  I vacuumed so much and I even served my husband dinner with a hair in it.  I was mortified and grossed out.  My husband was sweet and said he didn't mind but I certainly was not okay with it.

To make matters worse, Olive is extra grabby now and she seems to be pulling out just as much as I am losing!  Talk about adding insult to injury.  It'll be a miracle if I have any hair left when she turns one.  I have noticed that I have lots of new hair coming in all around my hairline.  These baby hairs are crazy hard to manage and seem to be popping up all over.  I'm not complaining to be growing new hair but it's so weird.  I try to brush it into my pony tails or comb it into my hair but I kind of wish I had bangs to help hide these new baby hairs.  Then I remember that I have curly hair that doesn't cooperate in humid climates and I quickly nix the plan to cut bangs.
Proof of weird baby hairs/sideburns:
True Story:
I was talking to my husband about my hair situation.  I said that I had all of this new hair coming in around my face.  He said completely seriously, "Like you're growing a mustache???"  No, thank you.  I am sprouting baby hairs along my hair line and am not growing facial hair.  I did have to double check but I'm happy to report that I'm not sporting a mustache.  Boys...

Did you have a similar experience?  Clearly it's not an uncommon event but is there anything I can do to help make it stop??? HELP!!!  I'm tempted to cut my hair, thought about getting bangs and then jumped back to reality and realized that was a terrible idea and would like for this whole situation to wrap it up.


  1. Oh girl. I can't even get into the crazy "hair" problems I've had post-partum. You are not alone. My hair definitely thinned out, too. And my sister has been going through the same thing for awhile {and her daughter is now 18 months old}. I wouldn't stress too badly, as stress can only make it worse! #LifesNotFair But I would continue to take your vitamins and drink your water. XOXO

  2. I didn't know we were losing hair! I thought I was just growing new hair after every baby. Thanks for pointing that out - haha. After all my kiddos I've gotten the weird short hair coming in. Power through it I say!


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