Thursday, December 5, 2013

December Goals

I wrote out goals for November and enjoyed focusing on them throughout the month.  I accomplished many of them - update my etsy shop, read for fun, work out regularly, start doing and do less pinning... just to name a few.  I didn't cross everything off my list and I'm okay with that.  Now that December is upon us, I wanted to come up with a few new goals for the month.

1. Use the my list of 25 Fun Christmas Things this month as motivation to do holiday activities with my family.  This is my baby's 1st Christmas so I'm loving introducing her to all things Christmasy.  She heard Christmas music for the first time in Target and squeeled with excitement, felt her first Christmas tree last week and we decorated a mini tree for her nursery.  I want to soak in the goodness of the holiday season and not feel pressured to cross every single off my list.

2. Be more encouraging to my husband.  He wrapping up his PhD program, writing his dissertation and defending it very soon all while doing a full time internship.  Sometimes I'm snippy with him and could definitely be more encouraging.  It's also tricky with a new baby to make sure that I remember to focus on him too!  I notice myself being tired or worn down from a long day of mommy duties and forget to make him feel like he's a priority.  Although, he'd never complain, I know that he would appreciate the encouragement and attention.

3. Make more efforts to connect with people - respond to blog comments, comment on people's blog posts, write cards, make phones calls, Facetime, send texts and make plans.  It's easy to let things go unnoticed but I want to be someone who reaches out to people.  I'm thinking this may be something that will be on my monthly goal list for many months to come.

4. Plan a road trip.  My husband and I were really good about going on road trips when we lived in Utah.  We'd go to National Parks, Las Vegas, Jackson Hole, San Francisco, etc.  Now that we live in Arkansas, our family of three has been to Indiana, Memphis and Gulf Shores but we are itching to plan our next trip. I think we'd both benefit from having something like this to plan and look forward to in 2014.

5. Lastly, we've been looking for a church in Little Rock and have visited a few different ones.  We have a favorite but have yet to decide that a church we visit is THE ONE.  So my goal for the next month(s) is to pick a church, attend it regularly and try to plug in and make some friends.  I'd love to have some local mom friends and I feel like church is the perfect place to meet some new people.

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