Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Valentine's Day Rollercoaster

How was your Valentine's Day?

Ours started out a little rocky with tears, arguing and before school drama, but it wasn't anything that school parties, valentines, candy and heart shaped pizza couldn't remedy.  I hate when we get off on the wrong foot in the mornings and I may have spent a little too much time moping about it.  A quick run to the grocery store and fun plans for our day turned things around for me.  We made a better game plan for today :)

In typical 1st kid fashion, Olive made us all valentines a week ago, hid them and the pulled them out for us on Valentine's Day.

2nd kid, Fletcher with a panicked look on his face asked me "Were we supposed to get you valentines?!?!"  I told him a kiss and kind words would be just fine.  He smiled and said, "Maybe next year when I can write, I'll get you a valentine!"  Spoiler alert: He can write and is learning to read, BUT he tells everyone that he can't do either.

3rd kid.  Eats candy from everyone's stash and takes great pleasure in stealing their gifts.


I made valentine treats for the kids, family and friends.  We didn't have a team in the Super Bowl this year so I brought valentine treats instead.  Could these pretzels be any cuter!?!

The kids each got Valentine's Day money to spend from one of their grandmas and they had the very best time shopping for themselves.  It was really cute to watch them weigh the pros and cons of the toys that they had their eye on.  They all walked out of Meijer with something they loved.


The kids all came home from their Sunday school classes at church with valentines.  It was really sweet and thoughtful.  It's our 3rd week visiting this church and it's making a good impact on all of us

Both kids got to give valentines and treats to their classes this year.  Olive picked cat valentines with animal mochis and Fletcher gave out a mix of boy valentines with pop it key chains.  He had to bring in a valentine box and we worked on a valentine monster container.  He was thrilled with his creation.  I was just thrilled that I managed to use my hot glue gun and not burn myself!  Mom tip: These big cheese ball containers work great for valentine boxes.  They're light, easy to transport, hot glue holds anything on them and they're nearly free.



I'm ready to enjoy a quiet rest of February.  Then we head into birthday season at our house!!

March = Fletcher

April = Leo

May = Olive


  1. Your last sentence!! I was just thinking today how holidays can be both so exhausting and so rewarding for a mom!!

    We had a pretty good day this year. Heart shaped waffles and our traditional V-Day breakfast (I always decorate the table and get a Dollar Tree balloon for each kid). The day before my parents watched our kids and we went on our first date in many months!! Between those things and the Super Bowl snacks, I failed to plan a themed dinner yesterday and we just enjoyed boring old sloppy joes, haha. But we did have frosted heart shaped cookies for dessert that my kids had made with my mom the day before! Whew! ;)

    Loved what you said about Olive as 1st child! My oldest (and only girl) is totally that way too and takes a lot of initiative with preparing for holidays!!

  2. If you are a practicing Catholic I would highly suggest the Latin Mass at Sts. Mary and John in downtown Evansville!! My husband and I attend there and absolutely love it as it has changed our lives for the better! Our 6 children love it as well! God Bless!


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