Friday, May 17, 2019

The Best Parts

Happy Friday!  This week flew by for me.  The weather was great, we got a good mix of stuff done around the house and got to have fun with friends.  It makes me excited for Summer.  Olive's class got to introduce the weather on the nightly news.  It was so cute to see her and her friends on the news!

Now on to the best parts of the week.

Chocolate Dipped Cookies!
I tried making these for the first time and I'm hooked.  I want to dip all cookies in chocolate now.  I made these Butterfinger Cookies for a going away party and everyone loved them.  I think I'll try to dip chocolate chip cookies next.

Olive requested a Fairy Garden birthday party this year.  We've had a lot of fun making fairy, gnome and flower plans.  She has loved planning all the party details.  Now let's pray for great weather after school on Monday so our garden party can be outside :)

Popsicle Update: We are obsessed with a really cheap Summery treat.  These Juicy Juice popsicles from The Dollar Tree are SO GOOD.  They're the perfect petite size and they're 10 for $1.  I have lost track of the amount of boxes I've purchased to stash away for Summer.  Stock up if you see them!  We tried the Italian Ices, too.  They were pretty good, but really sweet.  My kids couldn't finish them. 

Policeman on duty 24/7.

These two are ready for summer and squirt guns.

I FINALLY got new glasses!!  It feels like making an appointment for myself requires a lot of work these days.  I have to find childcare for Fletcher, schedule the appointment and then sometimes go back for a follow up.  I had a friend watch Fletcher for my eye exam.  Updated both my contact and glasses prescriptions and then picked out frames.  That's always a little challenging for me because I have a large head.  I tried on tons and found some that I love.  Then I went back with the kids to pick them up.  Glad that's taken care of for a few years now.  I also made some other appointments to cross off my yearly to do list since Kevin's Summer schedule is a little more flexible.

We went to a really fun SPACE themed birthday party for a friend.  My friend comes up with the cutest stuff - themed food, themed activities, great favors and fun.  The kids had a blast - ha!

I got all of my annuals planted in pots this week and I bought some ferns!  My Mom told me that Menards has the best prices on ferns and she was right.  $9.99 for giant Boston Ferns.  I'm hoping they love living on my deck this summer :)

We've been playing outside a ton!  We met up with some friends and went on a walk one day after school.  It was cute to see this crew on the move through the neighborhood.

Olive's 6th birthday is coming up soon!  We've got a friend party next week and family parties next weekend.  It's going to be so much fun celebrating her.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Happy Friday! Those cookies look amazing - I bet peanut butter cookies would be delicious to dip too! I admire your efforts in gardening and maintaining plants. So far the one hanging plant I was gifted has shriveled and died on the front porch. Ha! I'm a big fan of the Dollar Tree freeze pops -they are just the right size! Love your new glasses too - those look perfect on you!

  2. What a cute space party! I'm so ready for summer! I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. That space themed party looks like so much fun! Love the new glasses.

  4. Those cookies look so yummy! And I love the glasses. They fit you so well. Happy Friday!

  5. Those cookies look heavenly! and you look great in glasses!

  6. We go through a lot of those popsicles also. What is your opening them solution? I thought about freezing them really well and them cutting the tops off of them all and putting them in something where they are standing up. Last summer I kept a pair of scissors in the freezer but it is still a pain having to open popsicle after popsicle.


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