Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Olive's Garden Party with Family

We had a great time celebrating Olive's birthday with our families.

We are lucky to live just 2 hours north of almost all of our family.  We've lived a lot farther away for a lot of years so we are always thankful we can just hop in the car and see everyone pretty quickly.

We loaded up the van on Friday and headed down to see our families.  We did a party with my family first and then Kevin's family the next night.  It's a lot of work for me to divide everything up, but this way we end up having smaller parties where we get more of a chance to visit with family.  It works and we are the only ones who have to travel.

Flower crowns for everyone!

I texted out invitations again and am snail mailing out thank you notes.  I made the invitations for free on the Canva app.  I texted or facebook messaged them out to everyone and it worked really well.

I picked up lots of the birthday party supplies at Dollar Tree.  They have a ton of garden/flower/butterfly themed items right now.  I love doing wrapping paper table runners.

We did birthday book for everyone to sign.  It's our 6th year doing that and I just love looking back at those hand prints in each book from year to year inside the cover of each book.

I found the cutest Wilton number sprinkles at Meijer.  I made Funfetti and chocolate cupcakes.

My sister surprised Olive with some macarons in party colors!  They were yummy and SO cute!  She's worked hard to learn how to make them.

We did a super simple meal - build your own sandwiches, fruits, veggies, cheese and crackers, and more.  I had an hour to set up the party so a quick meal was necessity.  It was also a necessity for my parents to help!  I always appreciate them hosting for me.

This pasta salad was so yummy!  Check back for the recipe next week.

Hawaiian Rolls and a meat and cheese platter.  These are pricey to buy preassembled so definitely build your own to save money.

We had fun with friends and family :)

Olive sure loves this cute cousin crew :)  They're all getting so big and hopped right in line after Kevin prayed.

They have even decided that a big kid table is a must :)  I don't think we had a single drink spill in here.  They're growing up!!

These are the youngest cousins - Harper and Fletcher.  They could pass for twins even though Harper is a year older than Fletcher.  They were so cute together.

How many Fruit Loops can you get on a shish kabob stick using only one hand in one minute?  The kids had a great time with this.  The record was 18 :)

We played Hot Potato and the girls made flower crowns. 

Tons of fun!

Uncle Ty & Fletcher.

Polly Pockets got this kind of reaction!!

Shopkins, Beanie Boos, Polly Pockets and swim stuff made Olive one happy girl!

Help blowing out her candle and wishing for a pet unicorn again this year.

I picked peonies from our yard to bring with us.  They smelled amazing!!

The same set up for a birthday party with Kevin's family.  Everyone loved the garden theme.

Two Great Grandpas with Two Great Kids.  They got an introduction into the world of Polly Pockets and Fletcher took their canes for a spin :)

It was a beautiful night to celebrate!!
Another reason why we are always the ones to travel... we want to celebrate with as much family as possible.

We played outside and Olive got to play tennis.  She was thrilled.

We came home and added a couple new things to our fairy garden.

I love planning all the details of birthday parties for my crew!


  1. That is such a great idea for YOU to put the parties together and take them on the road. What a blessing to have such a big family!

  2. That is fantastic that you can travel and see everyone for birthdays! I am sure they appreciate your efforts to keep them so involved in the kids lives!

  3. Beautiful job! What a blessing to be with so much family. Love the cousin crew!

  4. So many pretty touches and those macarons look amazing!

  5. You coordinate the cutest activities and parties! I love this theme!


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