Monday, May 20, 2019

Favorite Kid Shoes for Summer

It's almost Summer and it's starting to feel like it in Indiana.

I am starting to swap out the clothes in our closets and drawers for the hot weather.

I've been collecting shoes for the kids and ended up with some great ones.

It involved lots of trying on, measuring and returning to get the best shoe options for the kids.  I think we are set with shoes for the season - tennis shoes, water shoes, church shoes and play shoes.  And since I've already done a lot of leg work, I thought I'd share our favorites with you today so that you  could keep an eye out for them.

Here are our favorite Summer kid shoes:

Fletcher has WIDE, chunky feet.  It is hard to find shoes that don't squish his cute feet.  He's wearing an 8.  I've never bought wide width shoes for him.  Instead I just stick to brands and shoes that run wide.

1. Red Nike Star Runners
These velcro on and have faux laces.  They're SO LIGHT and so comfy.  They go on sale regularly at stores like Academy and online.

2. Gray Crocs
"Croc Kids Crocband Clogs"
These are the only style that are wide enough for him.  We keep trying different styles that are marketed as wide and always come back to these.

3. Academy Sports Native Knock Off Slip Ons
These are SO cute and were only $7.99 in stores.  They have boy and girl options.

4. Meijer Croc Knock Offs
I like the navy and orange combo and think these will be great play shoes.  They come in boy and girl color options and my kids have liked them.    They were $8

Olive's feet are regular width and she prefers a looser fit.  She's wearing an 11

1. Velcro Nikes
"Nike Girl's Flex Contact Running Shoes Purple/Pink" These are the first pair of tennis shoes she's really loved.  They're so light, so comfy and come in tons of cute colors.  These came from Academy and go on sale regularly

2. Livie & Luca Mary Janes
This is our first pair of Livie & Luca shoes and they're amazing.  They are very nice shoes.  They're really well made, super comfy and super cute.  We picked up these for a great deal at a local boutique.  This pair is a part of the special Matilda Jane collaboration.

3. Rainbow Crocs
"Kid's Crocs Isabella Charm Clog" - This is a new style of crocs for us.  We picked them up on sale and they're so cute!  They are cushioned and a little dressier than her usual crocs.

4. Pink Crocs
"Kid's Baya Clog"
Solid color crocs.  They've got some good holes for venting and hold up so well.  They go on sale regularly and we have never had a real Croc shoe break.  All of our knock off crocs have broken over time.

What kind of shoes do your kids love??

I've included links to as many shoes or similar shoes as possible below!

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  1. I just said yesterday at the park when I saw my great nephew who is one wearing his Crocs that I miss my kiddos in crocs!

  2. Yes! We love the faux natives. We also added Tevas to our shoe rotation this summer. They're very durable and great when they don't need toe protection!

  3. Can you email me the details on the tag for the Academy Sports Native Knock Off Slip Ons? I want to see if we have them locally because I love those and Old Navy used to carry them but not anymore in the size we need.

  4. My kids used to love crocs - great finds! Have a wonderful week!


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