Friday, May 24, 2019

DIY Flower Crowns for Under $1

Have you ever made a flower crown??

I've always admired them, but had never figured out how to make them for a crowd.

Olive requested that her friends get to make flower crowns at her birthday party and I got busy doing some research.  I quickly realize that real flowers were out (too fragile), we needed a version of this craft that would be fairly quick for little ones, I needed them to be really affordable and I probably needed to call in back up to assemble the flower crowns.  Made a quick phone call to my mom and my party helper was booked!

One afternoon Olive and I headed to Dollar Tree to scope out the silk flower options.  There were tons!  No surprise that she gravitated towards her favorite colors - pinks, blues and purples.  We picked out all the flowers that looked like they'd be easy to glue onto a headband and planned for each child to have 4-6 flowers on their crown.

Supplies for each flower crown:
4-6 silk flowers
1 headband
2 pieces of greenery
hot glue and hot glue gun
paper plate

All these supplies add up to less than $1 for each flower crown!!
Budget friendly flower crown success!

We decided on this pretty bouquet of flowers from Dollar Tree!  We grabbed two bunches of every kind of flower which left us with a good assortment.

We also grabbed these 6 packs of headbands.  They worked great!

We pulled all the flowers off the stems.  I originally thought we'd have to cut them, but they pulled right off perfectly.  We sorted them into bowls of pink, blues and greens.

We left the flowers like this so we'd have a little stem to stick down in the hot glue.

We put together a sample to show the girls.  They were all so excited about making them!

They sat in a circle and grabbed the supplies they needed.  Each child got a paper plate with their name on it to build their flower crown.  I told them they needed to build it like a rainbow with greenery on each end.  They lined up the flowers just like they wanted them and that allowed my mom to glue them together at her own pace while we moved on to gardening/building our Gnome Homes.

I let the girls pick out their headband color and then we left them to blue glued.  Each flower and greenery got a generous dot of hot glue.  My mom held them in place for a couple seconds and made sure each flower was facing the right direction.

She let them cool and a few had to be popped off the plates.  I love how different each flower crown looked.  The girls were so proud of them.  Here's a close up of how the flowers were positioned on the headbands.

Such sweet girls!  Some girls wore them up higher like a headband and others tilted them more for a flower crown.  They all looked beautiful and were thrilled with their creations!!

Birthday party success!!

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  1. Those are so adorable! Looks like the girls all had so much fun making them.

  2. Absolutely adorable! I love that all the supplies came from dollar tree. Way to go, creative mama!

  3. The flower crowns are so cute and easy to make.

  4. I LOVE this!!!! So cute and simple!


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