Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Spring Outfit Inspiration

Does it finally feel like Spring where you live?

We are still having some chilly weather, but Spring has definitely arrived.

We rarely leave home without a jacket this time of year.  The flowers are all blooming and everything is greening up nicely.  Achoo!  My allergies have been acting up this week.

Let's talk about my Spring Outfit Inspiration:

Light Denim:
I picked up these really light wash distressed pair of Rockstar Skinnes from Old Navy during their last half off sale.  They're my go to jeans so I'm hoping I'll find some cute ways to style the light wash.  I think they'll look great with graphic tees for Summer.  I just love this outfit combo!  Scrunchies (make me smile every time I see them in stores!), cute graphic tees and a good pair of jeans.  Stay tuned for outfits wearing these or white jeans this Summer!

Lightweight Sweaters:
I found this lightweight floral sweater at TJ Maxx a couple months ago.  It was under $20.  I just love anything floral so this sweater was a no brainer for me.  I layered it with my favorite sleeveless chambray top, distressed Rockstar skinnies, leather earrings and pointy toe flats.

Fancy Sleeves:
Bell sleeves, flutter sleeves, lacey sleeves - they're all beautiful!!  I love a 3/4 bell sleeve because they don't get in your way.  I also love the pretty layers of flutter sleeves.  Sign me up for all of them!  This pretty floral top came from WALMART and was $11.86.  It's so pretty that I have it in two different patterns.  This Time and Tru top fits true to size and is really flattering.  I get so many compliments on it every time I wear it.

More flutter sleeves from Old Navy in a sunny yellow stripe!

Pattern Mixing:
Long live this trend!!  I just love it years after it became a thing.  I love this striped blazer and button down polk-dot top.  Both are old from Old Navy.  We are all dressed and ready for church.

Now let's talk about my current favorite dress!!  It's got fancy sleeves, mixes patterns and is floral.  I just love my maxi Easter dress from Matilda Jane.  It's so cute, comfy and it gets lot of compliments every time I wear it.  I've seen a lot of pattern mixing like this in stores.  Designers are taking the guess work out of pattern mixing and doing it for you!  I just love it.  I picked it up during a great Good Luck Trunk sale months ago so it ended up being half off.  I'm going to be wearing it on repeat all year.

What things are you wearing this Spring??

I'm currently on the hunt for a cute pair of brown clogs, a new pair of dark wash denim and am in the process of updating/replacing all my bras, socks and underwear.  So glamorous... not!  It does feel good to do it even though it's an investment.  Tell me what you're shopping for this season.


  1. Love those outfits! Florals and ruffled sleeves are just so feminine and pretty! Sadly, it's already too hot here for long sleeves and layers. I'm fortunate to work with hot natured people, so the office is nice and cold - but the minute you step outside it's all over. I'm glad you still get to enjoy some layers! :)

  2. Super cute outfits! Where we are Spring can be anything from scorching hot to freezing cold in the same day so it makes getting dressed a little bit of a challenge! Ha ha! I love the look with the striped jacket!

  3. These are all adorable outfits! You always have the cutest clothes.

  4. You look adorable as usual! I love love love your dress. I wish I could shop Matilda Jane in stores so that I could get a feel for how the clothing fits size wise. I also really love your jeans blazer combo. You are looking great, my friend! I am honestly so happy to be out of the boot, and feeling like I can wear normal clothing again. I am still restricted to tennis shoes, but it has been a good excuse to pick up some new pairs of cute ones. I have been on the hunt for some of those striped camp style shirts. I think Madewell made them popular, but I keep seeing snippets that Walmart is making them too. I really need to get in there and try some on!

  5. You find the cutest stuff. Right now I'm rocking all of the stretchy pants and tops. Maternity pants are the best. I'll be excited to get back to my regular clothes--it will be like a treasure hunt with all the stuff I forgot I had. :)

  6. I am wearing the same three outfits on repeat... argghh! : ) Not much longer, not much longer, not much longer (my current mantra). Love these looks! We kind of went straight into some summer'ish temps over this way (it's going to be like 87 today) so there's been less concern about transitional pieces, and more concern over "Hmm... my legs/arms/etc. are too pasty to be this exposed in April." haha Keep up the good fashion work friend!

  7. Lots of great ideas! I wish it would really feel like spring here! I'm digging light demin too!

  8. I am loving fancy sleeves right now!

  9. I really love your style, Whitney! Thanks for sharing this fun fashion inspiration! :)


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