Friday, May 10, 2019

Simple Highlights

Happy Friday!  Another busy week - end of year school stuff, teacher appreciation, graduation at ISU and more!  We got to sneak in lots of little moments to enjoy the week.  I'm excited to document the little things that ended up being the best parts of our week.

Here are the simple highlights:

My TULIPS were extra gorgeous this year!  They just get prettier every year.

ALONE TIME @ The TH Symphony
A friend called with a last minute invitation to the local Disney Symphony and we said YES.  It's rare for Olive and I to get alone time in this season of life.  I knew it would be so much fun to stay up late and go out with my girl!  We got all dressed up and headed out with our friends.  We had the best time watching Disney clips, singing along to Disney songs and it was a real treat.  Olive seemed like such a big kid!  We loved it!

The other day the kids asked me to get out their kites.  I  said it wasn't windy enough for kites.  They showed me... made their own kites and had the best time with them.  I think it was a mom win and a kid win because they played nicely together with something they created.

My favorite ADV Designs LEATHER EARRINGS are on sale with the code Whitney20 this week.  I love all of them - the mustard, the magenta, animal prints, metallics and more.  You just can't beat the prices for such a fun, lightweight accessory.  They're the easiest way to complete an outfit and they make great gifts.  I sent some out for Mother's Day, friend's birthdays and have added them to care packages.

I've been trying to change up our school lunch routine to keep us all excited about the last few weeks of school.  This taco lunch was a big hit.  We've been doing sandwiches, cheese and crackers, breakfast for lunch and more.  Follow me on IG @polkadottyplace for more lunch ideas!

Fletcher gets plenty of ALONE TIME since we're together 24/7.
This week we had fun at some of our favorite parks and enjoyed the sunshine.  He's been playing so hard that he requires two baths a day most days and ends up taking a quick afternoon nap.  I think he's going through another growth spurt.  He climbed up in this chair and said he was going to sit with me while I did some computer work.  He didn't last long!

Our family is happiest when we hang out TOGETHER.  My post about Family Goals this week has really helped our time together be more focused and enjoyable. 

BFFS.  This picture captures their personalities perfectly.
Olive = sweet, serious and reserved
Fletcher = busy, loud and enthusiastic about everything

Our LOCAL grocery store runs a Fill It Fresh sale a few times a year.  It's $15 for a full bag of fruits and veggies.  We had a great time shopping for some healthy stuff.

TEACHER APPRECIATION week was a lot of fun!  We did things every day to make sure that the teachers in our life felt extra loved.

WALKS.  We've always gone on stroller walks together, but now that the kids are getting older, we have all been walking.  We are keeping a close eye out for lots of ducklings this Spring.

Everywhere we go the kids look for CLIMBING TREES.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!  We'll be filling our days with graduation festivities, birthday parties, gardening and Mother's Day fun.

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  1. You guys just always have so much fun! I bet the one on one time with Olive was wonderful!

  2. What a great week! Your taco lunch sound like fun and maybe I will do something like that the last week of school (already bought groceries for next week). My boys have been making paper airplanes this week and flying them outside: lots of fun!

  3. Those tulips are GORGEOUS! I have a black thumb and my husband does all the yard stuff, but maybe I can convince him to plant some this year. I've never seen leather earrings before. I have to say, I'm intrigued. They're beautiful! The photo of your sweet family going for a walk is the cutest. Looks like you had a great week!


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